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Some of you might now it, but khổng lồ those who hear about it for the first time, here"s what it"s about.

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Asia Artist Awards

It is the first annual integration awards ceremony which selects artists from both K-Pop and K- Drama for the year of năm 2016 based on their performance who excelled in Korea as well as in Asian region. năm 2016 Asia Artist Awards took place on November 16 at the Hall of Peace in Kyunghee University in Seoul.


Many Asia based celebrities have sầu attended this event, and many showed some wonderful performances. This brings me to the topic of this blog - what happens when your favorite idols that are super talented, work hard lớn perform and wish to be loved, don"t get the treatment they deserve.

Especially in award events, where chất lượng is supposed to be mandatory and there shouldn"t even be a question about it.


The idols that performed did the best they could. The show didn"t. The sound system was awful, it was difficult lớn connect to lớn idols" microphones, so every time they tried khổng lồ sing live sầu it would be either too quiet or so loud that you could clearly hear their frantic breathing from the nhảy (& in some cases - BOTH :scream: )

The group that suffered the most are my angels, my poor kind talented souls - BLACKPINK.

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Jisoo"s and Rosé"s microphones were loud & clear, when Lisa và Jennie, the rapping queens were hardly heard when it was crucial for their whole performance.

Once they realized what has happened, they tried lớn sing louder, still khiêu vũ and smiling, kept singing live sầu, doing their best as always. And they won a Rookie Award!


I really loved BTS members" reactions :smile: even though it was hard for BP., they were still supported (especially by Suga và RapMon :smile: :sparkling_heart: )



Here"s BTS"s performance, which went pretty well ("Blood Sweat & Tears" and "Fire")

Another thing that bothered me and many of the fans - the camera work. There were way too many wide shots và in some performances the focus was on the wrong people, there were guests just walking in front of the camera và no one thought to cut lớn the other frame :expressionless:

After you watch this, don"t you feel weird? Like they"re tired or the performance doesn"t have sầu the "fire" it usually has?

Well, my friends, that"s the power of camera work. The cuts were not fitting the mood, wrong angles everywhere. I can only sigh though I"m pretty frustrated with this kind of unprofessionalism.

AOA also had problems with the tech :confused:

A prestigious sự kiện such as this should be more prepared. The good thing is, it shows that all the artists are well deserved of their idol title, because even if something lượt thích this happens, they manage lớn keep their heads up and finish their performance with a smile.

Here"s one performance that I"m really happy and proud of.

My boys SEVENTEEN. This performance was how it should be. Energetic, strong vocals & charismatic rapping plus good sound chất lượng & at least quite decent camera angles. I was smiling throughout the whole performance, because I knew that they truly deserve it. :sparkling_heart: my boys :relieved:

Hopefully all of the idols get khổng lồ show off in many more events that would care for them better :relieved:

That"s it for now, thank you for reading

byee :sparkles:


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Thank you for the feature! it"s my first :relieved: let"s support our idols. 파이팅!

It seems like everyone wasnt really into lớn it tBH. Which is a bit sad. But Congrats lớn all the winners. Idk the atmopshere wasnt as exciting as maybe the mamas or even music shows.

It was a new event, most of the performers looked tired even while siting (tbh it looked like they had very comfortable chairs :joy: ) so yeah, definitely not a great atmosphere

Ikr.(lol that"s such s short response) but anyway the stages look cheap, there were so many mistakes

I also hated the fact that when TWICE performed, their backtraông chồng was way too loud! Like seriously, it always happens to them which leads lớn haters saying that their lip syncing :disappointed: :disappointed: my poor babies

I watched all the performances and I was so upmix when black pink"s microphones weren"t working but I was very proud khổng lồ see my babies trying their best khổng lồ give a brilliant performance!!! Mamamoo"s performance was energetic as usual, they have this vibe that just brings back all your lost energy!!!

A lovely place where you can giới thiệu your love sầu for Kpop with people from all over the world!

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