The ultra-popular girl group Blackpink has dominated the K-pop world since forming in 2016. With their diehard fanbase, aka the blink, it seems impossible for the girl-group to lớn garner any more fame. However, worldwide pop princess Ariamãng cầu Grande might be the ticket to infinite stardom.

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To catch everyone up khổng lồ tốc độ, when fans found out Ariamãng cầu Grande was a co-writer on Blackpink"s 2020 summer single, "Ice Cream," Arianators và Blink expressed hope for a future Blackpink and Grande crossover song, as Bustle noted. The possibility makes sense, as the ladies of Blackpink have sầu expressed public admiration for the "Thank u next" singer. Blackpink thành viên, Rosé, once shared herself listening to lớn Grande"s Sweetener when it first released in 2018, và fellow thành viên Jennie took to her Instagram feed for a Grande-Esque photo captioned with lyrics from "the light is coming," a deep cut off of the album, per Billboard.

So is there anything standing in the way of a Blackpink and Ariana Grande collab? We reveal the answer after the jump.

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At the beginning of the rise & reign of K-pop group Blackpink, members of the ensemble often performed covers of their seemingly favorite American pop-princess, Ariana Grande. Billboard reported that in 2017, Blackpink thành viên Jisoo performed a cover of Grande"s & Nicki Minaj collab, "Side lớn Side." At the time, the Blackpink singer was an MC for a Korean music program, Inkigayo, & she took on the 2016 single as her introduction into her hosting. The same year as Jisoo"s cover, the women of Blackpink sang their own rendition of Grande"s 2016 single, "Inlớn You," during a live-stream broadcast. Two years later, Blackpink thành viên Rosé performed her own playful cover of Grande"s second career No.1 hit, "7 Rings."

Not only are the ladies of Blackpink fans of Grande, but the "god is a woman" artist is also a fan of the K-pop group. In 2018, both loyal tín đồ groups took note that Grande gave sầu a "like" to a piece a fan-art of Blackpink on Instagram.

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The pop crossover between K-pop group Blackpink & Ariamãng cầu Grande finally occurred in April 2019, when the two popular pop groups met at Coachella for the first time. In an Instagram pholớn posted on Grande"s page, the Sweetener artist dons a kissy face as she poses backstage next to lớn three members of Blackpink. Billboard reported the K-pop girl group was seen with Grande "NASA" merch the entire Coachella weekover.

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Just months later, Grande would insert herself (literally) into a group photo of Blackpink with producer Tommy Brown. The original Insta posted on Brown"s social media featured Jennie, Lisa, Rosé, & Jisso of Blackpink. The producer is a frequent collaborator of Grande"s, working on "Thank U, Next" và "7 Rings," according lớn E! Online. Considering Brown is a mutual frikết thúc, it makes sense why Grande would bình luận on the photo with "this is the best photo I"ve ever seen" & ask khổng lồ be photoshopped inkhổng lồ the pic. When Grande wants it, she"s got it. Brown later reposted the Instagram snap with a photoshopped Grande right in the middle.

The friendship between Blackpink và Ariana Grande was officially confirmed for fans when the "Dangerous Woman" sent a thành viên of Blackpink her perfume collection. After meeting in Coachella & years of social media friendship, K-pop group thành viên Rosé thanked Grande for the bottle of the "Rain On Me""s Cloud perfume via her Instagram stories. Grande appropriately re-posted the thank you with a simple "love sầu you," which is a good sign for potential collabs down the line. Stay tuned! 

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