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Under the direction of Board Certified Physician Dr. Nadine Haddad, we help you prevent the aging process, correct problematic skin, & maintain a younger, healthier, more vibrant you!






Beauty & health remain our number one priority here at B Medical Spage authority & Wellness Center. Our expert staff continues to lớn be eager lớn assist you with the most advanced techniques in skin rejuvenation , injectables, women health, weight loss, body sculpting, hormone replacement therapy, nutritional and Vi-Ta-Min tư vấn, và other medical spa services.

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Under the direction of our Medical Director, Owner, and On-Site Board Certified Physician Dr. Nadine Haddad, we are delighted to lớn provide proven, unique care for the entire body toàn thân. From skin treatments for acne, discoloration, dehydration, and aging, as well as beautifying treatments lớn make normal skin perfect, invigorate the female body toàn thân, and increase confidence for all, B Medical Spage authority is here khổng lồ serve sầu you.

For the love sầu of comprehensive health & beauty

Dr. Haddad & her staff believes in living an overall healthy lifestyle, và knows that skincare và body composition are important aspects of accomplishing that objective sầu. Our vision for you is to lớn be your best self! We are here khổng lồ help you accomplish và maintain that very attainable goal.

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Nadine Haddad, MD

What our guests say about us

My toàn thân has taken a beating over the past trăng tròn years, as I’ve sầu put it through countless miles of running & too many hours in the thể hình lớn track. I had read several articles on professional athletes doing PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy) khổng lồ help heal injuries, và I consulted with Dr. Green on using the approach khổng lồ address some nasty tendinitis that had developed in my left achilles tendon. After the recommended 2-weeks of post-procedure rest, I started by into lớn my workouts và couldn’t believe the difference. The pain that felt like broken glass in my tendon was 90% gone & after a month of cranking-up my workouts, I was baông chồng to lớn 100% function with zero pain. Best treatment ever. Best Doc ever.

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I’m a 40 year old guy who has never had a facial or even seen the inside of a med spa làm đẹp. After way too many years in the sun with probably way too little sun screen, I had developed some pretty noticeable wrinkles on my forehead và around my eyes. I would have never thought to have sầu anything done about it, but one of my friends had just had Botox & he looked a lot better. He told me where he went và that’s how I found Dr. Sinikka Green. Long story short, it was better than I could have thought. Her staff was great, she was down khổng lồ Earth và very professional, & most importantly, it worked. At my request, we started with a small amount và after two weeks, I went back in for a little more. It only took a few days after that before I could really see the effect. Dr. Green, as you know, I’ve sầu already sent a frikết thúc your way, và will always recommover you as a true pro. Thank you.

I haven’t felt this good in years. I’ve been doing a weekly shot of your Vitamazing blkết thúc & I feel great. My energy is up, I’ve been sleeping better, & over the first 45 days, I’ve sầu lost an additional 9 lbs. without changing my diet or exercising much more. What a find! Thank you!

Dr. Green saved me from having khổng lồ stare at wrinkles for the rest of my life! In 2009, I got Botox from a plastic surgeon in L.A. The results were terrible và he couldn’t fix the uneven look. I had to wait for it to wear off and I swore I’d never vày it again. Recently, a cthua kém frikết thúc who has had Botox several times, told me that if I was ever going to try again it should be with Dr. Green. She said it was the best experience she has had, by far. I met with Dr. Green and immediately felt a connection. She was patient with my nervousness & described exactly what she was going khổng lồ vì chưng & what the results would be. A week after the procedure, it was an obvious success. I got more compliments than I can rethành viên và now 3 months later, I’m still thrilled looking in the mirror. Thank you so much Dr. Green – now that I found you my mirror will keep telling me I’m 30 và not 44!

Two months ago, I weighed 174 pounds, and at 5’5”, I wasn’t exactly healthy, or looking good. Today, as I wright this, I am at 146 pounds & still dropping each week. In the beginning, I was worried I would have sầu to starve myself lớn get this far, but that is the furthest thing from the truth. Over the past 2 months, I’ve taken the pills prescribed by Dr. Green and a weekly vitamin and fat-burning shot, và I haven’t once felt overly hungry or low on energy – in fact, I feel great! Looking forward to lớn the next month & my final 11 pounds gone!!

I’ve sầu had several peels from several spas. Dr. Green và her B Med Spage authority is my favorite so far. We did the VIPeel & I absolutely loved the results. She was awesome, her staff was awesome, and most importantly, the results were awesome. I will be baông chồng :)

Maggie S.

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