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Nothing completes a long day of touring in Hoi An better than a blissful & relaxing massage.Finding a spa will be easy as there are literally hundreds of them khổng lồ choose from. They are on every street in Hoi An & if you look out your hotel window, chances are there’s one next door.For as little as $10 you can enjoy a 60 minute full toàn thân mas sa in Hoi An.

Before running out lớn the closest spa, you’ll need lớn bởi vì some homework. We learned the hard way not all massages in Hoi An are created equal. The màn chơi of training, cleanliness và professionalism vary greatly so it’s important khổng lồ vày some research first. We’ll give you all of our best tips và suggestions on how to make your Hoi An Massage a great one!


Typical “Asian Blend” Massages in Hoi An consist of the same routine.

You will be offered a drink while your feet are soaked and washed in a warm foot bath. You will then be shown lớn your mát xa room or curtained area.

Usually you will be asked to lớn undress down lớn your underwear. In some spas the may provide a pair of silky boxer shorts lớn wear. Unlượt thích Bali massages they vị not provide disposable underwear. The masseuse may or may not leave sầu the room while you undress. For females this could be an issue as you would be topless. If you are uncomfortable, you can ask them to lớn give you a moment so you can inlớn position laying face down.

The massage usually begins with some tiger balm being held under your nose. They then lay a towel over top you & start massaging through the towel on your legs, back & shoulders for a few minutes. After that they will pull the towel bachồng và tuông xã it inkhổng lồ your underwear. The very top of your buttocks may be exposed.

They spkết thúc a good amount of time massaging your baông xã and shoulders using oil. There is usually a combination of hands, elbows & forearms used. During this time the masseuse will ask “is pressure ok?” Only use the words “Softer” or “harder” as they most likely won’t understand anything else.

After completing your baông xã, they will wash it with a warm cloth khổng lồ remove the oil. Then move sầu on to lớn your calves & the bachồng of your thighs. Then it’s time lớn turn over where they will mas sa the front of your legs, arms, top of your chest & head.

The massage usually is completed with you sitting up so they can rub your back and shoulders one last time for a few minutes.


At first glance Hoi An Massage prices are higher than most places in southeast Asia.

The spa chăm sóc sức khỏe và làm đẹp menus have sầu their highest prices possible posted. These are NOT the prices you should pay.

These listed prices are for tourists that don’t ask for a khuyễn mãi giảm giá và just accept the price. If you are one of those people, stop doing that! You are driving up prices for everyone else. Ask for a better price then the one that is posted on the menu.Most of the time it seems to lớn be “Happy Hour” at every spa in Hoi An. This is their sales pitch where prices will generally be anywhere from 20% khổng lồ 1/2 off.

Here is an average rule-of-thumb for pricing (After Negotiation):

Street Spas in Hoi An:

60 Minute Full Body Massage: 200K Dong ($10 US)

90 Minute Full Body Massage: 300K Dong ($15 US)

30 Minute Foot Massage: 100K Dong ($5 US)

Note* Closer to Ancient Town và the Night Market prices can be higher.

Hotel/Resort Spas in Hoi An:

60 Minute Full Body Massage: 400K – 600K Dong ($20-$30 US)

90 Minute Full Body Massage: 600K – 1.5M Dong ($30-$65 US)

30 Minute Foot Massage: 200K – 400K Dong ($10-$20 US)

From our experience we found quite a few spas that catered mostly khổng lồ a Korean clientele. You can spot these spas easily as the main sign will be in Korean rather than English or Vietnamese. These spas tover to be more expensive sầu because a portion of their sales go toward tour companies for bringing in clientele.

One of the best ways to lớn know what your getting into lớn is ASK! This may be challenging if they don’t speak any english. Usually the person at the front door will know some basic english & if not, use google translate.Here are questions we always ask at the entrance before committing.

Can I see the massage room please? They should be eager to show off their mas sa rooms if they are clean & peaceful. That way you can get an idea of the atmosphere you’ll be in. Things to look for are cleanliness, lighting, space between beds, private rooms or curtains, music & overall vibe.Do you change the towels & sheets between customers?I know what your thinking. That should go without saying right!? Not even cđại bại. Many spas only change their towels once per day. If you ever have sầu doubts you can ask them to change the sheets and towels before your mát xa.

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3. Do You have in house mát xa therapists?Many spas use what I like to lớn gọi “The ringer system”.This means that the spa làm đẹp uses on call masseuses. This can be hit or miss. Some spas have fully trained their on Hotline staff but in many cases it’s a roll of the dice on what kind of chất lượng you’re going to lớn get. Usually the in-house staff are going lớn be your best bet. My best advice is if you get a great massage, don’t hesitate khổng lồ ask for the same person the next time your return.

Before you get a Hoi An massage, make sure to lớn check the nhận xét. Google đánh giá and Trip Advisor will be your best bet. Watch for “local guides” on Google who vì a lot of đánh giá. On Trip Advisor, only look at Reviews from people who have sầu more than one or two contributions. Unfortunately there are lots of kém chất lượng review so it’s good to read reliable ones rather than just relying on the overall rating. I would stay clear of Spa’s that don’t have any Review or aren’t listed at all. There are so many spas to lớn choose from it’s a safer bet khổng lồ get a massage from a well established business.

Not all of my experiences were good getting massages in Hoi An. I’m not going lớn name the spas involved but if you stick to lớn my các mục below you should be good to go!

Cleanliness:One of my biggest concerns is always cleanliness. After one of the massages, I was horrified. My masseuse said “finished” so I got up and started to get changed into lớn my clothes. While I was doing that she took my used oily towel & refolded it into the towel animal it was in when I arrived. She then placed it on top of where I had been laying for the previous 90 minutes for the next customer. SICK!

That means when I came into lớn the room I had no idea how many people before me had used that same sheet và towel. I literally ran home to lớn take a shower.

The only way to lớn prsự kiện this is lớn ask for a fresh linen when you arrive in the room but the language barrier can make this a tough request. The only other thing you can vày is to take good look at the sheets và towels with the lights on. Make sure there are no stains or marks from previous guests & if there are, point them out so they can be changed.

Cell Phones:They love their cell phones here! If you all of a sudden feel that you are being given a one handed mas sa, have sầu a quick look back. There were a few times where the mas sa completely changed pace và felt lượt thích I was being petted rather than massaged. More likely than not your masseuse is on their cell phone. Politely say “no cell phone please” if it continues ask lớn speak lớn a manager.

Solicitation: Unless you are actively seeking that kind of dodgy service, you aren’t going to run into it in Hoi An. There were no occurrences on the street or inside any of the spa’s in Hoi An where extra services or a “happy ending” was offered. Many of the spas are family run establishments that also caters to families. Hoi An is a safe town where you don’t need to worry about being propositioned. Always stichồng to store front spas that have great Review and there will be no issues.

I didn’t experience anyone that demanded tips but I’ve heard it happens. If you had a great mas sa, make sure to tip your masseuse. The staff that work at spas in Hoi An are paid a salary or per massage. Any money you give sầu them will be on top of that. Salaries are not high in Vietphái mạnh so tips vày mean a lot to lớn them. 10% to lớn 20% is normal but not mandatory.

To compile our danh sách of the best places khổng lồ get a mát xa, we asked expat groups, seasoned Hoi An travelers and people who spover a lot of time in Hoi An. Combined with our own personal experiences, here are spas we can confidently recommend.

*The prices below are there advertised danh mục price và MAY be negotiable.

Click on their name khổng lồ visit their website/menu


Citrus Health Spage authority is voted by expats as one of their favorite spas in Hoi An! Their 60 minute massages starting at 360K dong ($15 US). This highly rated spa làm đẹp uses their own organic garden to lớn produce herbs for their treatments.


Another expat favorite is the Palmarosa Spa. 60 Minute mát xa treatments start at 380K Dong ($16 US). The spa features luxurious private mát xa rooms and is a 10 minute walk from Ancient Town.

Heaven Garden Spage authority is An Bang’s Beach top rated spa among expats & locals. Their team of trained professionals provide relaxing outdoor treatment in spotless clean facilities. 60 minute massages start at 350K Dong ($15 US)

Phuoc Lavender Spa provides highly professional massages at a fraction of the cost compared lớn the luxury spas. 60 minute massages start at 360K ($16 US). They are rated as one of the top on spas in Hoi An on Trip Advisor & is known to have sầu many repeat loyal clients.

Body Works spa làm đẹp is a 10 minute walk from Ancient Town và features clean và high quality massages. 60 minute massages start at 250K Dong ($11.00 US). The friendly, english speaking owner of spa làm đẹp is on location everyday khổng lồ ensure every client has a great experience. It was one of my favorite spas in Hoi An as they made you feel like a truly valued client rather than just another tourist. My vote for top value Hoi An mas sa.

Mimosa Spa was also one of my top choices for consistent high quality massages in Hoi An. They are located just off the night market but are still affordable compared lớn other spas in the neighborhood. 60 Minute full toàn thân massages start at 250K Dong ($11 US). Their private rooms are spotless and lighting is perfect for a nice relaxing Hoi An mas sa. Again the english speaking owner of the spa was friendly and made you feel like a valued client rather than just another tourist.

Coral spa is one of the highest rated spas on Trip Advisor and Google. They are known for giving one of the best Hoi An massages in a high quality spa environment. 60 minute massages start at 500K Dong ($23 US). I am going to visit this spa before I leave Hoi An & post it here if it was worth the extra cost. From what a few people have told me so far, their vote has been yes!

Magic Spage authority was one of our favorite spa’s in Hoi An. They offer clean private rooms with luxurious surroundings. The spa làm đẹp is very professional and provides lockers, change rooms and robes. All of their staff are trained in house và provide high chất lượng massages. The owners và manager are friendly and speak great English. The price of 60 minute full toàn thân massage start at 350K dong ($15.00). The spa provides a relaxing ambiance from start khổng lồ finish và even treats you khổng lồ a yummy yogurt after your therapy!

If you are looking for a luxurious and modern spa in Hoi An, My Chi Spage authority at the Almanity Wellness Resort delivers. This gorgeous western style spa làm đẹp will pamper you from start to finish with ultra luxurious surroundings. The gr& lobby of the spa chăm sóc sức khỏe và làm đẹp is stunning instantly putting you in a tranquil state before your mas sa. It is a full spa chăm sóc sức khỏe và làm đẹp experience that caters to the most discerning of clients. We had the pleasure to lớn experience a relaxing couples mas sa here. Both therapists were highly skilled and provided massages that were comparable khổng lồ the high standards of western culture. 60 minute luxury mát xa treatments start at 1.4M Dong ($60 US). Hotel rooms at the resort also include a 45 minute body toàn thân mát xa.

The spa chăm sóc sức khỏe và làm đẹp at Anantara resort is a luxury spa that provides high end treatments in a professional spa chăm sóc sức khỏe và làm đẹp setting. 60 Minute treatments start at 1.5M Dong ($65 US). Every spa làm đẹp experience is catered to lớn each individuals needs ensuring the highest màn chơi of unique & relaxation.

Hoi An offers some of best và most affordable massages in the world. Chances are you’re going to have a relaxing & therapeutic mát xa when following this guide! Try out different spas & discover which one you like best! Make sure lớn tip for great service và be kind. The therapists employed in the spas work extremely hard for not a whole lot.

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