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It’s hard lớn believe sầu, but it’s already been a year since BLACKPINK debuted — and what an amazing year it’s been for them!

On August 8 of 2016, YG Entertainment girl group BLACKPINK made their debut with their single album “Square One,” featuring double title tracks “BOOMBAYAH” và “Whistle.” The MV for “BOOMBAYAH” has become the most-watched K-pop group debut MV of all time (with “Whistle” in second place), and three of their music videos have sầu already surpassed 100 million views.

Only months after their debut, the group won Rookie Awards at the Gaon Chart Awards, Melon Music Awards, Asia Artist Awards, Golden Disc Awards, & Seoul Music Awards, as well as took home other trophies during the award season. The hit group most recently made a comebaông xã with the traông xã “As If It’s Your Last” in June.

On August 8, YG Entertainment tweeted to celebrate the group’s debut anniversary.

originally posted by https://t.co/XZQ3IOI9MY#BLACKPINK #블랙핑크 #20170808 #DEBUT #1YEARANNIVERSARY #YG pic.twitter.com/hOTp8zLgIb


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ygent_official) August 7, 2017

Meanwhile, fans have been celebrating the big day on Twitter while using the hashtag “BLACKP1NKinYourArea,” which is currently in second on the menu of worldwide trending topics!

Cheông xã out some of fans’ tweets of love sầu and celebration below!

thank you for the 3 awesome eras in this past year ♡ we look forward lớn more eras with you girls~#BLACKP1NKinYourArea pic.twitter.com/XY5HPuHmH8

— × + ☀ (
poopheyy) August 7, 2017

my loves who deserve the world they were rookie legends và will continue in being legends for a long time #BLACKP1NKInYourArea pic.twitter.com/1aLsQBAAEe

— dara #888 (
jenlisaclub) August 7, 2017

Happy 1 year to lớn these multitalented legends who have sầu been breaking records for the past 365 days, you"ve come so far ? #BLACKP1NKinYourArea pic.twitter.com/UgYPFzKcfC

— 888 (

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bIackdotpink) August 7, 2017

Thank you for being my source of happiness
ygofficialblink ✨ #BLACKP1NKinYourArea pic.twitter.com/ZUyaUXyoZn

— ً (
blackpinkpics) August 7, 2017

What an amazing year it"s been thanks to lớn #BLACKPINK & blink. Let"s stay by each other"s side for a long time. #BLACKP1NKInYourArea pic.twitter.com/4teQcLukeX

— 888 (
YGBlackPink) August 7, 2017

Let"s be together for a long time. We love sầu you girls! ❤?? #BLACKP1NKInYourArea pic.twitter.com/UvhW9STFow