The report said that Jennie would go daily lớn G-Dragon"s place in Seoul"s Hannam-dong.PHOTOS: JENNIERUBYJANE/INSTAGRAM, XXXIBGDRGN/INSTAGRAM
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Two of K-pop"s biggest names - Blackpink"s Jennie và BigBang"s G-Dragon - are rumoured khổng lồ have sầu been secretly dating for a year.

Their management agency, YG Entertainment, has refused to confirm the report, which appeared on South Korean entertainment news outlet Dispatch on Wednesday (Feb 24).

A terse statement released by the agency on the same day said: "We cannot confirm anything about our artistes" personal lives. We ask for your understanding."

However, the Dispatch report claimed that the relationship between G-Dragon, 32, và Jennie, 25, was an open secret within YG Entertainment & that her manager takes her khổng lồ & from his house. Other times, his manager would ferry her instead.

Dispatch said the couple would have sầu dates at G-Dragon"s trang chủ, as he had a personal parking lot & an elevator going up khổng lồ his penthouse, thus ensuring their privacy.

The report also said that Jennie would go daily to lớn G-Dragon"s place in Seoul"s Hannam-dong, where many celebrities have sầu made their trang chính, after she was done with her work, before heading baông chồng home page.

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The two stars have known each other for more than a decade, since before Jennie made her debut with Blackpink in 2016.

She appeared in his music video for That XX in 2012 and featured in his solo number Blaông xã the following year.

G-Dragon, who was discharged from military service in 2019 after a stint of almost two years, had been spotted supporting Jennie, such as at Blackpink"s online concert The Show, on Jan 31.

Jennie, who used khổng lồ date another boybvà member, Kai from Exo, has had fans flocking to support her on social media after the news broke.

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