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BENEFITSopen1Access khổng lồ enter member-exclusive sầu BLACKPINK MEMBERSHIP channel2Watch broadcasts or videos on BLACKPINK MEMBERSHIP3Cheông chồng BLACKPINK images & images available on BLACKPINK MEMBERSHIP4Use Fan Hâm mộ board open for BLACKPINK MEMBERSHIP.. members only5Chatting exclusively for BLACKPINK MEMBERSHIP. members (Occasional)6Join events open for BLACKPINK MEMBERSHIP members only (Occasional)7BLACKPINK MEMBERSHIP Membership Stickers available for members only (Official fandom name + Individual member"s name sticker)
BEFORE YOU PURCHASEOn the phầm mềm, you must turn on the notification of the purchased sản phẩm channel in
AboutBLACKPINK MEMBERSHIPhường subscription is a premium channel subscription for BLACKPINK fans. You can enjoy various contents and nói qua special moments in BLACKPINK MEMBERSHIP.. Profits will be used for the creative activity of Stars.

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Subscription GuideMEMBERSHIP. contents are available both on Mobile ứng dụng and PC.On thiết bị di động, you need to lớn update the app to lớn the latest version to lớn use the service smoothly.On the ứng dụng, you must turn on the notification of the purchased sản phẩm channel in Subscription benefits may be subjected to change according to the celebrity and the agency.VOD service may take time if the đoạn phim requires ratings.Chatting is only available on điện thoại ứng dụng.

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NotesYou can buy and use this membership on both PC and mobile devices.To use this product in Mobile, you need lachạy thử version of the app.MEMBERSHIP-only LIVE can be viewed simultaneously on up to 2 devices. (From 04.16.2020)MEMBERSHIP-only VOD can be viewed simultaneously on up lớn 5 registered devices.If you delete your V LIVE tài khoản, your personal information will be removed as well, so you’re not able to lớn access your membership.All the videos that celebs upload are members-only content, so you may have sầu liability when you discthua trận exclusive content.All the benefits are available during the MEMBERSHIP.. period only, and you cannot sell or transfer the MEMBERSHIPhường khổng lồ others.You may not have complete access khổng lồ the membership or may thất bại your membership due lớn your improper activities.If minors vị not obtain consent from guardian before making a purchase, the purchase can be cancelled by their guardian or themselves (for purchases in Korea only).You can request a refund within 7 days from the date of purchase. chú ý that you will be refunded the value of your purchase after deducting the price of your usage (if applicable).For more information dealing with personal information, go lớn About > Privacy Policy> to check our Privacy Policy.The profit of the membership will be used for supporting the Star"s creative activities and service operations.
Notice of App Regular subscription You will be billed via your iTunes/Google Play tài khoản which you have used for your payment.If you don"t cancel your subscription by 24 hours before your subscription expires, it will be automatically renewed và your monthly payment will be made.When you renew your subscription, you will be billed 24 hours before your previous subscription expires.Whether to lớn automatically subscribe can be set by the user, and can be canceled in the user trương mục settings in the tiện ích.If you make a purchase during your không tính phí trial period, the rest of the không lấy phí trial will expire.You will need to directly request to the tiện ích market for a refund of periodic payments made directly in the tiện ích market.