Lisa of internationally renowned K-pop group Blackpink is having a busy year, to lớn say the least. This month alone, Blackpink dropped their first full-length album, released a documentary on Netflix, and on October 19, MAC officially named Lisa as its newest global brvà ambassador. 

The big news was announced on Instagram with a picture of the dancer/rapper looking as magnetic as she does on stage, swiping on MAC's Powder Kiss Lipstiông chồng in Mull It Over with glittery lilac winged liner, blunt bangs, & ultra-long Unistella nails. 

Since debuting in năm 2016, this trio has made up Lisa's beauty trademark, making appearances in music videos, like "Ddu-Du Ddu-Du", và recent performances of “Pretty Savage”. The MAC chiến dịch just crystalizes it as her signature aesthetic — you know, like in the way Ariana Grande has high ponytails & Gwen Stefani has red lipstick. 

"MAC is truly at the forefront of trendsetting," Lisa said in a statement, recalling all the times she saw incredible looks being created by the brand's artist backstage at Fashion Weeks. "It's an honor lớn partner with a brand with such an incredible heritage & unrivaled expertise in makeup artistry. I am thrilled và looking forward to lớn this journey."

Lisa is also the very first K-pop star to lớn be the face of MAC, và of its holiday 20trăng tròn collection lớn boot. This is incredibly exciting considering the list of K-pop stars who represent American beauty brands is extremely short — although, we have a feeling we're about to lớn see a lot more announced in the coming months. In the meantime, we can't wait lớn see what MAC has in store for Lisa. 

Without further avị, feast your eyes on products from the MAC Frosted Fire holiday collection — then cửa hàng the full limited-edition line on

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Rocket to lớn Fame Eye Shadow


This twelve-shade palette goes far beyond the typical holiday bronzes with a variety of matte và frosted shades, all the better lớn create your Lisa-inspired glittery, holographic look. With shades in lilac, gunmental, trắng, and matte blachồng, you can definitely cook up a holiday eye that says "I'm a badass who survived 20trăng tròn."

$40 (Shop Now)

Flashing Ice Extra Dimension Skinfinish Trio


Courtesy of brand"Skinfinish" is MAC-speak for "highlighter," which makes this three-piece duo perfect for cheekbones, the bridge of the nose, or anywhere that needs a little holiday sparkle. It comes in "Light" or "Gold" colorways, the latter of which has a glittery aubergine shade that's too good to lớn pass up on.

$40 (Shop Now)

Frosted Fire Lipglass


"Frosted fire" sounds lượt thích a) an AIM screenname I would have had in 2003 and b) the ikhuyễn mãi giảm giá winter vibe. The collection offers five shades of the glass-finish lip gloss in translucent white, pinky nude, & pearlescent purple, peach, và pink.

$10 (Shop Now)

Extra Dimension Skin Finish in Frosted Firework


Courtesy of brandMake things merry & bright(er) with a single-pan highlighter embossed with a festive sầu firework thiết kế. Choose between two shades: Flare for the Dramatic (a warm golden bronze) or Let It Glow (frosty white).

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Courtesy of brandAnother option for the decisive makeup lover, these single-pan shadows come in an ultra-pigmented red, beautiful metallic silver, glittery Lisa-worthy pink, & more.

$21 (Shop Now)

Frosted Fire Lipstick

Courtesy of brandThe bullet lipstiông chồng version of the lipgloss above sầu, these shades use MAC's iconic lipstichồng formula in lilac, sheer trắng, fuchsia, burgundy, & dark pink.

$20 (Shop Now)

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