From the jet-black bangs she debuted at the Pradomain authority show in February, lớn her ever-changing styles for BLACKPINK music videos, Lisa Manoban is a hair chameleon. And she’s showing off her ever-changing hair once again.

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Lisa’s lathử nghiệm hair shake-up, revealed in one of her lakiểm tra Instagram posts, is a major change from the grey-blaông chồng bob she had been sporting of late. Likely a wig or an impressive sầu mix of extensions, Lisa’s deep-red shade is a winning update that has already racked up six million likes from Bliên kết who have sầu given it their seal of approval. As ever, Lisa has kept her immaculately arranged bangs firmly in place. This look, as many Blinks might have sầu spotted, could be a throwbaông xã lớn BLACKPINK's most recent video, “How You Like That?”

For their comebaông xã, all four members of the group unveiled new hair colors, Lisa being this fiery red that we still can't get enough of. But the shade that the 23-year-old rapper sported in the pic is the perfect nod to the season ahead. As Lisa’s color lies somewhere between maroon, blaông chồng, & fuchsia, it’s the ikhuyễn mãi giảm giá backdrop for outfits from the fall/winter 20trăng tròn collections, which Lisa will doubtless have sầu her pick of. 

At the Pradomain authority show that Lisa saw in February, Miuccia Pradomain authority showcased shades of grey, purple & red, all of which would look interesting against her newly burgundy bangs. Or what about Celine’s ’70s-inspired autumnal palette?

If you’re keen to emulate Lisa’s red ’vì, but worried about the upkeep, try a temporary hair color like oVertone. Just remember that the effects will depend on your natural hair color! If you’re not ready lớn bite the bullet color-wise, then you could always opt for a K-Pop perfect fringe. We already know she has the best bangs in the business. 

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