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BLACKPINK is one of the biggest K-pop groups in the world at the moment. They debuted in năm nhâm thìn & are known for their catchy songs and attractive sầu dance moves. The members of BLACKPINK often look extremely in-sync on stage, & there was a time when they first realized what a great team they made.

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Who are the members of BLACKPINK?

BLACKPINK is made up of four members: Jisoo, Jennie, Rosé, and Lisa.

Jisoo is the oldest thành viên of the group. She is a singer who grew up outside of Seoul, South Korea. Jisoo is known for her funny & quirky personality. Fans find her very entertaining and endearing.

Jennie, the second oldest member of the group, is a singer & rapper. She grew up in Seoul, but she also lived in New Zealvà for a few years. Jennie is known for her chic, high-fashion image. She wears a lot of luxury brands và is a bona fide trendsetter.

Rosé, the second youngest member, was born in New Zealand và raised in nước Australia. She has been singing since she was young & moved lớn South Korea as a teenager lớn pursue music. Rosé is known for her unique voice.

Lisa is the youngest thành viên of BLACKPINK. She was born & raised in Vương Quốc của nụ cười. Like Rosé, Lisa moved to lớn South Korea as a teenager lớn become a K-pop idol. She is known for being a skilled dancer và rapper.

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When did BLACKPINK realize they make a great team?

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The BLACKPINK members are all different from each other. They come from different backgrounds & have different personalities. However, when they were trainees at YG Entertainment, they discovered they had great teamwork.

In the documentary Light Up the Sky, the members recalled that their CEO often put them inlớn various groups as trainees. The trainees would then bởi vì screen tests and record demos together. When Jisoo, Jennie, Rosé, và Lisa were made to lớn team up, they realized they worked well with each other.

“It happened naturally,” Lisa said. “We just clicked.”

Jennie added, “We just got along so well. Because usually like, ‘Oh, I wanmãng cầu sing more.’ Or, ‘I wanna be in the middle.’ There’s always those little fights going on in the groups. But when it was the four of us, it was clear what we were doing.”

Jisoo also noticed that when the four of them were together, “big things can happen.”

Do the BLACKPINK members ever argue?

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Like any group of people, the members of BLACKPINK occasionally vị have sầu their differences.

For example, in a deleted scene from Light Up the Sky, Rosé và Lisa revealed that they used to lớn get on each other’s nerves when they first started training together.

Additionally, in an interview with the Japanese show Love sầu Music, Jisoo shared that the members did have arguments in the past.

However, the members eventually learned to resolve their issues maturely. As such, they can now work together seamlessly.