Bts, Blackpink, Monsta X Nab Multiple Mnet Asian Music Awards Nominations

Ok, so, recently I was binge watching blackpink stages & something that caught my attention is that BlackPink NEVER promote their songs on m-net music shows.

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Does anyone know why BlackPink never promotes on m-net music shows ?

Thank you!


Mnet has beef with YG Entertainment so anything related khổng lồ it is banned from being shown on Mnet. Even when BlackPink was nominated for a Mama award back in 2017, they had their faces crossed out with red marks.

I don’t know the history of it, but I figure that nowadays the beef between some record companies & Mnet is this sense that Mnet, Swing Entertainment and their parent company CJ E&M are horning in on their business with their own stable of K-Pop acts promoted by their own Mnet shows (e.g. IOI/Wanna One/I*Zone & Produce 101, fromis_9 & Idol School). With CJ E&M/Mnet/Swing seemingly looking lớn supplant the existing K-Pop companies, I can see why there may be bad blood between some of them, with YG acts avoiding & SM acts reluctant to participate in KCON (CJ E&M productions with highlights airing on Mnet’s M Countdown). The only good relationship CJ E&M has with one of the Big 3 seems khổng lồ be with JYP., with whom they co-produced Sixteen for Mnet and thus helped create Twice.

Reading the response, it's absolutely sickening companies take it out in idols. Blackpink deserves better.

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Groups from a big label don't need to lớn promote on every music show. Music shows are exhausting and don't earn the idols a cent, and if the group is already successful they're pretty useless as a promotion tool, because they have very low ratings. The main reason why big groups still go on music shows is to lớn maintain a good relationship between their label & the network, so they can get invited lớn variety shows on them (variety pays much better và has much higher ratings), và also to lớn meet fans during recordings (but at the moment this can't happen và it's frustrating for a lot of idols khổng lồ persize without an audience).

Sorry khổng lồ burst your bubble, but most companies only see their artists as a source of cash. Keep them happy (on the outside that the public sees) as long as they bring in the money, then ignore or dump them once they stop.

The possible exceptions are JYP. và M&H who really seem khổng lồ care about Twice, Itzy and Chung Ha. For everyone else, it's all about the cash! Oh and S&Phường và So Hye of course!

Welcome to lớn the real world of the grownups my friend!


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