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A PAK (Perfect All Kill) is different from a Certified All Kill and an All Kill.

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This is what a PAK looks like.

A PAK is 1st in all categories including the Weekly chart. There are many groups with All Kills, and Certified All Kills.

All Kills and Certified All Kills make great headlines, but they happen frequently. Keeping track of all of them would be too time consuming for our tiny group. So we here at KpG will only log PAKs.

What KPop refers to as a “PAK” is not to be confused with a “MelOn Perfect All Kill”. A MelOn PAK is when the entire album charts in all the top slots with no other artist’s tracks interfering .

Before anyone asks “Why is SNSD not there?” or “what about EXO?”, keep in mind that a… erm… certain company (read: SM) decided it didn’t want to play well with others so a certain streaming house (read: Cyworld) removed all SM tracks from it’s registry at the end of July 2011. This meant that until Cyword was removed from Instiz iChart on 1 June 2015, no SM artists had the opportunity of getting any form of All Kill.


Rule Changes:

As of 27 February 2017 — MelOn, Mnet, & Genie shift aggregation of real-time charts to between 12noon and 6pm only. Anything released not during that 6 hours will not count towards the chart until 1pm the following day.

 As of 15 May 2017 — Soribada, Olleh and Monkey3 do not count towards iChart. Naver scores are now worth x2.

Soribada was kept in. This was likely the reason for the 1st Soribada Awards being announced for September.

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Early 2019 — FLO & VIBE streaming services to be added to chart. FLO is owned by SM, JYP, & Big Hit. VIBE Music is a partnership of YG & Naver. VIBE is reported to replace Naver on the chart once launched.


Things to Note:Instiz iChart launched in March 2010.Although PAKs did happen prior to 2011, many aren’t counted because the charts are hard to find.Before 2015 there were 10 charts.


By Year (in descending order):

2019BTS — Boy With Love (ft. Halsey) <15 Apr — 07:30>— FLO of SKT (SM/JYP/BH) has been added to iChart (19 Mar). VIBE still in beta mode. —— VIBE Music (YG + Naver) announced to replace Naver Chart (expected Feb). Date change to chart TBA —2018TWICE — YES or YES <10 Nov — 13:30>IU — BBIBBI <14 Oct — 20:30>pH-1 — Good Day  <08 Oct — 05:30>Lim Chang Jung — There’s Never Been a Day I Haven’t Loved You <26 Sep — 14:30>Sunmi — Siren <9 Sep — 15:30>Red Velvet — Power Up <8 Aug — 21:30>— New zombie hours streaming policy freezes charting from 1am-7am KST (11 Jul) —BlackPink — Ddu-Ddu Ddu-Du <18 Jun –01:30>Bolbbalgan4 — Travel <28 May — 00:30>BTS  Fake Love <21 May — 00:30>Loco & Hwasa (MAMAMOO) — Don’t Give It To Me (Hyena on the Keyboard) <23 Apr — 16:30>Haon & Vinxen — Bar Code (High School Rapper 2) <2 Apr — 23:30>BigBang — Flower Road <19 Mar — 14:30>iKON — Love Scenario <5 Feb — 12:30>


2017DEAN — instagram <30 Dec — 3:30>Naul — Emptiness in Memory <4 Dec — 00:30>Epik High — Love Story (feat. IU) <26 Oct — 1:30>Bolbbalgan4 — Some <02 Oct — 00:30>IU — Autumn Morning <20 Sep — 22:30>Woo Won Jae — We Are (feat. Loco & Gray) (SMTM6) <8 Sep — 14:30>Yoon Jong Shin — Like It <18 Aug — 23:30>Team Dynamic Duo (Nucksal, Hanhae, Rhyno, MyunDo, Jo Woochan) — 1/N (SMTM6) <7 Aug — 00:30>Heize — You, Clouds, Rain (Feat. Shin Yong Jae) <4 Jul — 14:30>G-DRAGON — Untitled, 2014 <12 Jun — 00:30>—- Instiz Rule Change (15 May) —-IU — Palette (Feat. G-DRAGON) <24 Apr — 1:30>IU — Can’t Love You Anymore (Feat. Oh Hyuk) <10 Apr — 00:30>IU — Through the Night <27 Mar — 00:30>—- Real-Time aggregation change from K-streaming sites (27 Feb) —-TWICE — KNOCK KNOCK <21 Feb — 13:30>Ailee — I’ll Go To You Like The First Snow (Goblin OST Part 9) <13 Jan — 14:30>Kwanghee & Gaeko — Your Night (feat. OH HYUK) (Infinite Challenge) <2 Jan — 14:30> 2016BIGBANG FXXK IT <14 Dec — 18:30>HeizeStar <6 Dec — 14:30>TWICETT <26 Oct — 12:30>I.O.IVery Very Very <19 Oct — 15:30>Han Dong GeunMaking a new ending for this story Lim Chang JungThe Love That I Committed <10 Sep — 13:30>BLACKPINKWHISTLE <14 Aug — 13:30>Wonder GirlsWhy So Lonely <8 Jul — 22:30>BewhY – Forever (SMTM5) <3 Jul — 00:30>One – Comfortable (feat. Simon D, Gray) (SMTM5) <27 Jun — 00:30><21/22 Jun>*One, G2, BewhY, DayDayI’m not what you knew (feat. Simon Dominic) (SMTM5) <20 Jun — 00:30>Urban ZakapaI Don’t Love You <29 May — 00:30>10cmWhat The Spring?? <4 Apr — 00:30>TWICECHEER UP <27 Apr — 18:30>DavichiThis Love <3 Mar — 13:30>MAMAMOOYou’re the Best <29 Feb — 3:30>GFRIENDRough <7 Feb — 14:30>CrushDon’t Forget (Feat. Taeyeon) <25 Jan — 00:30>

* KpG NOTE: Some source (like Soompi) claim that SISTAR had a PAK on 21 Jun for I Like That. However, we here at KPopper’s Guide could find no evidence that SISTAR hit #1 on weekly charts. In fact, our plowing through Instiz shows SMTM’s I’m Not What You Knew and Comfortable topped the weekly charts at that time. If anyone has proof of SISTAR’s PAK with a timestamp, please share with us, and we will remove the disclaimer.

2015Oh HyukA Little Girl (Reply 1988 OST Part 3) <23 Nov — 00:30>IUTwenty-three <26 Oct — 00:30>IU & Park MyungsooLeon (Infinite Challenge) <8 Aug — 23:30>BIGBANGLET’S NOT FALL IN LOVE <9 Aug — 14:30>—- DAUM removed from iChart (30 Jun) —-SISTARSHAKE IT <27 Jun — 14:30>—- Cyworld removed from iChart. SM may now get All Kills (1 Jun) —-BIGBANGLOSER <3 May — 00:30>missAOnly You <31 Mar — 23:29>Jung Seonghwan & Park YoonhaI Have To forget My Love in Sorrow (K-Pop Star 4) <20 Jan — 23:30>2014MC MONGMISS ME OR DISS ME (Feat. Jinsil of MadSoul Child) <3 Nov — 08:30>Kwak Jin Un & Kim Pil & Do HyukOnly You (Superstar K6) <22 Sep — 14:29>Soyou, Kwon Soonil, & Park Youngin (Urban Zakapa) – The Space Between <29 Sep — 11:29>IUMy old story <19 May — 00:31>Idina MenzelLet It Go (Frozen OST) <2 Feb — 15:30>2013IU – Friday (ft. Jang Yijeong of HISTORY) <23 Dec — 00:30>Park Myungsoo & PrimaryI Got C (Feat. Gaeko of Dynamic Duo) (Infinite Challenge) <4 Nov — 14:30>IUThe Red Shoes <10 Oct — 11:30>Busker BuskerLove, At First <28 Sep — 3:30>Yoon MiraeTouch love (Master’s sun OST Part 4) <2 Sep — 1:30>SISTARGive It To Me <13 Jun — 10:30>HuhGak, Jong EunjiShort Hair <3 Jun — 2:30>Lee HyoriMiss Korea PSYGENTLEMEN <15 Apr — 1:30>SISTAR19GONE NOT AROUND ANY LONGER <10 Feb — 1:30>LeessangTears (Feat. Eugene of THE SEEYA) <28 Jan — 00:30>2012NAULMemory Of The Wind <2012>*G-DRAGONTHAT XX <3 Sep — 04:30>PSYGANGNAM STYLE <19 Jul — 09:30>Busker BuskerIf You Really Love Me *Busker BuskerCherry Blossom Ending *BIGBANGBLUE <29 Feb — 12:30>

*We found multiple news articles claiming these were PAKs, but no screenshot of a timestamp/date could be found.

2011IUYOU & I <1 Dec — 09:30>LeessangTurned off the TV (feat. Yoon MiRae (Tasha), Kwon Jungyeol OF 10CM) <20 Aug — 23:30>—- Cyworld no longer caries SM tracks (20 Jul) —-missAGood-bye Baby <19 Jul — 20:30>GG (Park Myungsoo & G-DRAGON)Having an Affair (feat. Park Bom) (Infinite Challenge) <4 Jul — 09:30>2NE1I AM THE BEST <27 Jun — 00:30>Kim YeonwooIf You’re Like Me <28(?) May 2011>*2NE1LONELY <16 May — 00:30>Park BomDON’T CRY <25 Apr — 3:05>Kim BumsooJebal (Please) <2(?) April>*IUThe Story Only I Didn’t Know <17 Feb>*

*These are widely accepted and acknowledged by all fandoms as PAKs for 2011, but we here at KpG could not find a clean screenshot with a timestamp (sometimes the timestamp was too fuzzy). This was the beginning of people figuring out PAKs could be a thing, so not everyone kept receipts like they do today.


Since Instiz iChart doesn’t list 2010 records these have been taken from LOEN.

IU — Good Day <9 Dec — 4:00>IU — Nagging (Feat. Seulong) (We Got Married OST) <7 Jun>


By Artist:

1st Place — 14 PAKs (12 songs, 2 from 2010)

IU — Nagging (Feat. Seulong) (We Got Married OST) <2010>, Good Day <2010>, You & I <2011>, Only I Didn’t Know <2011>, Friday (ft. Jang Yijeong of History) <2013>, The Red Shoes <2013>, My Old Story <2014>, Leon (with Park Myungsoo as GOD G) <2014>, Twenty-Three <2015>, Through The Night <2017>, Can’t Love You Anymore (with Oh Hyuk) <2017>, Palette (ft. G-Dragon) <2017>, Autumn Morning <2017>, BBIBBI <2018>

Bonus PAK as a featured artist: Epik High’s Love Story <2017>

2nd Place — 5 songs

BIGBANG Blue <2012>, Loser <2015>, Let’s Not Fall In Love <2015>, Fxxk It <2016>, Flower Road <2018>

3rd Place — 4 songs

TWICEYES or YES <2018>, Cheer Up <2016>, TT <2016>. Knock Knock <2017>

4th Place — 3 songs

Busker Busker — Cherry Blossom Ending <2012>, If You Really Love Me <2012>, Love, At First <2013>

G-DragonHaving An Affair (with Park Myungsoo as GG ft. Park Bom) <2011>, That XX <2012>, Untitled, 2014. <2017>

Bonus PAK as a featured artist: IU’s Palette <2017>

5th Place — 2 songs

2NE1 — Lonely <2011>, I Am The Best <2011>

BlackPink — Whistle <2016>, Ddu-du Ddu-du <2018>

Bolbbalgan4 Some <2017>. Travel <2018>

BTS — Fake Love <2018>, Boy With Luv <2019>

Heize Star <2016>, You Clouds Rain <2017>

LeessangTurn Off The TV (ft. Yoon Mirae, Kwon Jungyeol) <2011>, Tears (ft. Eugene of THE SEEYA) <2013>

Lim Chang Jung — The Love That I Committed <2016>, There’s Never Been a Day I Haven’t Loved You <2018>

missA — Goodbye Baby <2011>, Only You <2015>

Naul — Memory of the Wind <2012>, Emptiness in Memory <2017>

PSYGangnam Style <2011>, Gentleman <2012>

SISTARGive It To Me <2013>, Shake It <2015>


Records And Fun Facts:

IU is the only artist to have 3 tracks with PAKs from one album.SMTM (Show Me The Money) has the most songs through a show (5 songs) to have a PAK.All of Busker Busker’s songs after Superstar K3 have hit a PAK.SISTAR as a group, SISTAR19 the subunit, and Soyou individually each have a song that hit a PAK.SISTAR19 is the only subunit.BIGBANG was the only male KPop group that wasn’t a collaboration or featured another artist until 2018.Idina Menzel is the only Western artist.BLACKPINK is the only group to achieve a PAK with a debut.Leessang is the only non-collaboration male duo.TWICE is the only group artist to have achieve 3 consecutive packs starting with a rookie release.BTS is the first male group not from YG to have a PAK.Red Velvet is SM’s first group to get a PAK.

Disbanded artists with PAKS: