The ultimate blackpink trivia quiz!

How closely have sầu you been following BLACKPINK members" style game? Take this fun "Guess their hair" quiz & find out your score!

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QUIZ: Can you guess the BLACKPINK member based on their hair?

BLACKPINK in Your Area! Our favourite girls aren"t just exceptionally talented performers but pretty savage too! BLACKPINK consists of Jennie (main rapper), Jisoo (vocalist & visual), Rosé (main vocalist) và Lisa (main dancer and rapper). BLACKPINK made their debut on August 8, 2016, with their debut single album Square One, which featured Whistle and BOOMBAYAH, their first number-one entries on South Korea"s Gaon Digital Chart & the Billboard World Digital Song Sales chart, respectively. Since then, they are seen as trailblazers in the world of music with foot-tapping music, killer dance moves & girl-crush vibes!

BLACKPINK members, each have sầu a distinct và unique style, which is both modish & eye-pleasing. Each thành viên has experimented with a range of quality hairstyles & hair colours & pulled them off beautifully.

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In their debut tuy vậy, BOOMBAYAH Lisa, experimented with blonde hair và dễ thương bangs, while Jennie carried off stylish hair accessories with aplomb. Jisoo looked lovely in her natural hair colour và Rosé dyed her hair cherry red. In their lathử nghiệm MV, Lovesichồng Girls, Lisa experiments with a bob cut with blonde highlights, Jisoo looks ethereal with wavy hair & flowers, Rosé looks adorable in the bubblegum pink hair & Jennie looks stunning with side flicks and chocolate brown hair. The style evolution for BLACKPINK has been nothing short of a fashion revolution!

But how closely have you observed their hairstyles and hair colour? Well, we are here to lớn demo exactly that! is curated a special quiz to thử nghiệm your memory.

Are you ready for the challenge? Take the quiz below:

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BLINKS, did you ace our Guess the Hair kiểm tra or not? Share your results with in the comments below.

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