BLACKPINK guest starred on “Running Man“!

All four members of BLACKPINK made a guest appearance on the lathử nghiệm episode of “Running Man!” The 525th episode titled “BLACKPINK in Running Man – But Save Us From the Probabilities” aired on October 18.

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“It’s been 3 years và 10 months since BLACKPINK made an appearance on “Running Man” altogether. The girl group last joined the show in December 2016” (Klặng, 2020).

BLACKPINK’s “Running Man” episode 525 is AVAILABLE on with full English subtitles! Portuguese subtitles will also be added upcoming Thursday 1 a.m. (KST)!


BLACKPINK Becomes First Girl Group to Top Billboard Artist 100 Chart

The girl group rose from No. 68 to the top quickly with the release of their lademo album! With that, they became the first all-girl group to lớn top the Billboard Artist 100 chart, since its inception bachồng in 2014. The quartet is also the third Korean group to rank first after BTS, who stayed on top for 10 weeks last month, and SuperM, which topped the chart last year.

BLACKPINK’s first full album titled “THE ALBUM” was first released on October 2. “THE ALBUM” currently ranks No. 2 on the Billboard 200. Since the release of the full-length, two songs from BLACKPINK have sầu been ranked on the Billboard Hot 100, namely, “Lovesick Girls,” their title traông xã at No. 59, and “Ice Cream,” a collaboration with Selemãng cầu Gomez at No. 64.

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“Together with BTS ranking No. 2 on the Billboard Artist 100, this is the first time two K-pop acts occupy the top two positions on the chart” (Zellner, 2020).


With the members of BLACKPINK making quite a number of variety show appearances, you will be able to lớn watch them on to lớn your heart’s content!

Running Man

Jennie’s appearance on Running Man Episode 409 was loved by fans và had many views! The video of her entering the haunted house with Lee Kwang-Soo even trended for a while. It’s understandable to lớn be scared & cry in the haunted house, but there’s just something about her that makes her so adorable & lovable.

Remember bachồng in the day when BLACKPINK were rookies? The group starred on “Running Man” just a few months after their debut and received so much love! You can watch episode 330 of “Running Man” & see how much they have sầu grown!

Village Survival, the Eight

In “Village Survival, the Eight,” cast members play games và solve puzzles in the fictional village known as Michuri. They alặng to lớn solve a riddle và win 10 million won. In one of the segments, the members are required lớn be quick-witted to answer quizzes within 5 seconds. Jennie, being her adorable and hilarious self, gave responses that made everyone laugh. You can watch one of them below!


Which of the currently airing reality shows would you want to lớn see BLACKPINK khổng lồ appear in next? We would love lớn know. Share it with us in the comments below!

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