Nothing could be more exhilarating for K-pop lovers than seeing their favorite Korean bands placed high on the music charts. The much-awaited Billboard World Albums Charts for the week ending July 17 is here & K-pop fans have sầu all the reason khổng lồ cheer và celebrate.The famous Bangtung Boys, aka BTS are on top và a total of six of their albums are in the top 15 this week, with "Map of the Soul: 7" climbing bachồng up lớn grab the No 1 position on the chart, followed by "BE" at No 5, then "Love Yourself: Answer" at No 7, "Love sầu Yourself: Tear" at No 11, "Map of the Soul: Persona" at No 12 and lastly "Skool Luv Affair" at No 13.

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TXT"s "The Chaos Chapter: FREEZE" was ranked second in the sixth week & widely loved by fans from around the world. The hit album spent its fifth week on the Billboard 200, making its record as the longest Korean pop album lớn stay on the chart in 2021.
It was followed by the popular girl b& TWICE"s album "Taste of Love" at No 6 in its fourth week on the music chart.
On the other hvà, BLACKPINK"s "THE ALBUM "has successfully maintained its No 8 position in its 40th week, whereas "Your Choice" by SEVENTEEN ranked at No 10 in its third week.
Last but not the least, LOONA"s recently launched album "&" reached No 14 on the current week"s chart.

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