6 reputable car grooming & polishing service providers in singapore



Do you need detail services lớn take care of your car’s interior và exterior? If so, then Car Spa can handle it. Choose from our Express Polish, Carpet Deep Cleanse, Seat Treatment, or Interior Super Clean packages và make your oto st& out on the highway.

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At Car Spage authority, we never cut corners in our service or our chất lượng. We have sầu four affordable, exterior car wash packages that will make your vehicle’s appearance nothing short of showroom ready, without breaking the bank. Stop in và see us today!

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Some automobiles need extra pampering. If you need additional maintenance for your vehicle, then try one of our full-service oto wash packages. We provide exceptional customer service lượt thích the gas stations of old with a modern touch. Learn more today!

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Car Spage authority has an Express Lube Center that performs services in 15 minutes or less. You don’t need an appointment. We’ll have your car in & out quickly. 

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Car Spage authority techs can kiểm tra your car to lớn ensure they meet your state inspection requirements. Get your vehicle checked at one of our locations today!

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Many states require vehicles khổng lồ undergo appropriate testing khổng lồ make sure they meet emissions standards. You can stop by Car Spa to lớn finish these evaluations.

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Car Spa has convenient options through our Fleet và House Account Programs, và our customers can also earn không tính phí car washes with our Splashback Rewards Card program.




Are you a friendly person who loves working closely with automobiles & the general public? We have several fun professional career paths that may be right for you, so apply today to lớn join our team.


Quality Car Care Maintenance Centers

Car Spa is dedicated lớn cleaning your đô thị one car at a time. You will not just receive a great car wash, but a total, high-end experience at our oto care maintenance centers. At our oto care maintenance centers, we’ll take care of your oto inside & out.

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We have sầu 16 centers across the country that offer a variety of our car wash, lube center, & emissions testing services. Our high-kết thúc autođiện thoại services are built to lớn protect cars from dirt, the elements, & daily wear. While our car care professionals take care of your vehicle, you’re welcome khổng lồ relax with a cup of coffee in our comfortable lobby.


Staff give sầu a nice rinse & scrub before your vehicle enters the wash. The mechanical wash is much stronger than others and does a great job. Vacuums are svào, free, and easy khổng lồ use. Colored lights add some fun lớn the wash.

Best Spot In Riverdale to Get your Car Cleaned!! And the people are very nice!! And satisfactory service all the time!!

This car wash is the best in town in my opinion. They have sầu a monthly wash subscription option, không tính tiền vacuums, and microfiber towels lớn help you dry up the small amount of water that remains after driving through the dryers.

Always a great experience when I come here! Definitely recommend the monthly plan. I wash my truck at the Plano location at least twice a week most weeks.

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I love sầu this place. Quiông xã service, great wash & a whole lot of spots khổng lồ use miễn phí vacuums afterwards- there’s also a gas station with an air pump next door, -plus- they vị state inspections.

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