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Welcome khổng lồ Cloud9 Medi Spa

The most luxurious medical spa in the Inl& Empire. Cloud9 specializes in providing the most popular & latest treatments by an award winning team. Your beauty and your well being is our priority. We guarantee you will be leaving on Cloud9.

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Lauren M

UPDATE: I started my skin journey with Klặng about 3 years ago và she has totally transformed my skin. You can read my previous Reviews lớn see what my skin looked lượt thích before Kyên ổn. I have continued with the PRPhường. microneedling treatments every few months–trust me, you need this treatment in your life.

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Now on lớn the Botox and Fillers. But first, let me preface this by saying that I have sầu never experienced “aggressive” injecting by Kyên, & she’s injected me MANY times in the past 3 years. Some people are more sensitive than others. For my Botox appointments I’m usually running in during my lunch break & I appreciate the swiftness. I point out the areas that I would like addressed/whats bothering me và she knows exactly where and how much khổng lồ inject. I’ve sầu never doubted her skills because my results speak for themselves. She takes her time with me whenever I have sầu questions or more lớn discuss but I’ve sầu never felt rushed or like she was just looking lớn make a quiông chồng buông xã. EVER.

Now onlớn the results và my recent treatments–I tend to squint & frown a lot when yên studying which had recently lent forehead lines even when I wasn’t trying. My eyes had also started khổng lồ look tired no matter how much eye cream/serum I used. A little under eye filler & Botox khổng lồ fix my forehead lines, squinty eye lines, & a little brow lift. My eyes opened up & I look more awake now. Kyên restores the youth in my face & I can never be without her!!!

Jessica G.

I’ve sầu been going khổng lồ Cloud 9 Medi Spa for a few years now. I have always liked and appreciated how easy it was to, not only make appointments and get in pretty quickly, but how quickly my treatments are completed so I can continue on with my busy lifestyle và business. With that said, every time I have gone khổng lồ an appointment, I’m greeted by John. John is ALWAYS smiling và welcoming. He is very informative & great at setting appointments to get your needs taken care of as soon as possible, so you can ALWAYS look và feel your best. To sweeten the khuyễn mãi giảm giá even more, you have Kyên ổn. She is LITERALLY my beauty magician! She listens to lớn your needs/wants và performs. If there is anything you are insecure about, or want to lớn improve sầu, Kim is your Wonder Woman. Now that they are at their new location, they hired và amazing nurse to lớn help prep you for your procedure, creating a team that is attentive và competent, I couldn’t be happier. I walk into Cloud 9 feeling frumpy and leave sầu feeling glamours và sexy. (Even though you don’t see the full results for a couple days after if you’re getting Botox.) If you’re considering Cloud 9, but still on the fence (for whatever the reason), get off and make your appointment TODAY! They’re so awesome, you’ll be mad you didn’t make an appointment sooner.

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**Also, I bring my hóa trang with me to lớn fix in the oto. Depending on what you drink or eat prior up to 24 hours prior can make you bruise at times. They also clean the area that they work on, obviously, so if you wear cover up, you’ll have sầu to reapply. **

Kelsea M

I LOVE THIS PLACE ! I have a cleft chin and have always felt so horrible about it never smiling in photos because I was embarrassed. I have sầu got filler in the dimple a few times & cannot tell you the amount of confidence I now have sầu. Thank you Kyên you are awesome and I will come here forever.

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Cloud 9 is a luxury medi spa located in Yucaipage authority, CA serving the entire Inl& Empire with stunning aesthetics, state of the art equipment and the laschạy thử in face & toàn thân treatments.