Deal tại nhommua ! jjim

Benefit of Jjyên ổn Jil Bang

Eliminating toxinsLosing weightWhiter skin và preventionBlood pressureCardiovascular diseaseArthritis, obesityHeadaches, depression, stomachache

Tip for customers

Min3 hours
MaxIt’s up lớn you
Hot room20min
Cold room5-10min

*** Time may be changed depending on the freshness of each person

Golden Lotus Day Spage authority Tour – What is Jjlặng Jil Bang?

Capađô thị of 800 people, 4000mét vuông large area.

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Jjim Jil (sauna) Bang (room) is “Korea Family & Friends Resort Spage authority ” is regarded as a green resort in the thành phố. Koreans often go Jjlặng Jil Bang for health care after hard working time. This is also a place for meeting & birthday buổi tiệc nhỏ of friends. This is the secret of wellness and beauty of Korean và also a symbol of Korean culture is popular around the world.

Just 1 ticket for access lớn all Jjim Jil Bang services, unlimited time all day. We should be known all hot và cold saumãng cầu rooms in Jjlặng Jil Bang are specially designed from rare natural materials (roông xã salternative text, mud, herbal, volcanic roông xã, Hinoki wood), so that Jjyên Jil Bang also has the optimal effects in eliminating toxins, losing weight, helping whiter skin and prevention, cure the disease era as blood pressure, cardiovascular disease, arthritis, headaches, depression, obesity, stomachabịt.

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Korea Jjlặng Jil Bang health và beauty package (over đôi mươi areas, 4 floors) including: Korean restaurants, a children’s play area, mát xa area, the hot and cold foot spa, hot & cold Tubs_Jacuzzi, dry và wet sauna areas, Hoi An light garden, family relaxing zone, fitness area, kids truyền ảnh, kids play zone, men/women sleeping room, Yoga meditation room, Himalaya salt meditation room, heating floor, infrared cave sầu, ion & colour therapy room, family’s cinema, relax area for watching TV, hot sauna (Himalaya roông chồng salt room, Chun-Gi-To Yellow Ocher Room , Chun-Gi-To Ball Room, Nephrite Jade Energy Room – coming soon), cold sauna (Igloo Ice Room, Hinoki oxyren room)…

At Golden Lotus Spa, we take the concept of “spa chăm sóc sức khỏe và làm đẹp day” lớn a new level, where you not only enjoy spa chăm sóc sức khỏe và làm đẹp services for caring about health and beauty with luxury 5-star standards, but also be miễn phí to enjoy other high-grade entertainment services, explore the beautiful life, full of sparkling color. All you can find at the Golden Lotus Spage authority. We are honored to lớn be rated as “The Best Family Spa” _ “Spa Family No.1” _the place that your family or your friends can enjoy the most wonderful moments together, the loved ones are cthua together, spover the best time, smile, laugh, joy, be happy together. We want that each day goes khổng lồ Spa will be one of the most beautiful, comfortable & happiest day in the life of each individual, family, friend & hope that it will become an indispensable habit, a part in the life of those who love this place.

Price và Contact of all Our Branch: chăm sóc sức khỏe và làm đẹ

The Price of Golden Lotus Healing Spa World Jjyên Jil Bang

Monday – Friday: 

▪️ 8h ~ 9h30: 200,000VND

▪️ 9h30 ~ 12h: 265,000VND

▪️ 12h ~ 18h: 335,000VND

▪️ 18h ~ 20h: 265,000VND

▪️ 20h ~ 23h: 190,000VND

Saturday – Sunday

8h ~ 18h: 335,000VND18h ~ 20h: 265,000VND20h ~ 23h: 190,000VND

For Children in Happy Hour

▪️ Under 0.8m: Free

▪️ 0.8m ~ 1.2m: 125,000VND ( Normal: 155,000VND)

▪️ Over 1.2m: Like as adult price

Couple Time:

For couple time from: 15 ~ 30 years old. Check-in from 18:00

If couple wear couple T-shirt, miễn phí for girl, the price of ticket for boy follow Happy Hour

Discount 20% for Foot/ Facial/ Body Massage in 60 min.

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Family Time:

The Olds is over 60 years old plus accompanying person. Cheông xã in from 18:00

Free for The Old. The price of ticker for accompanying person follow Happy Hour

Discount 20% for Foot/ Facial/ Body Massage in 60 min.


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