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From the moment you are received, much as you would be in the trang chủ of a good and gracious frikết thúc, lớn the impeccable rendering of state-of-the-art spa treatments, you will recognize this singular difference: your personal importance is paramount. Meaning your personal experience is exceptional.

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Here you will find tranquility in an atmosphere of understated elegance. The calm afforded by an attentive, professional staff. The relaxation created by an ambient environment. The transformation enabled by pure escape.


Indulge yourself with our personal touch, exceptional expertise and tranquil atmosphere at Dream Spage authority và Salon.

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Dream ensures a superior in-spa experience delivering the best of beauty và wellness. Purchase your Gift Card today!

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Do you dream of beautiful hair? We know you vày...và we"ve designed our salon tóc expressly lớn help you realize that dream.

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Dream is THE perfect các buổi tiệc nhỏ place! Whether you"re celebrating a birthday, bridal or baby shower, a well deserved corporate offsite, or just some "me" time, dream can help!!! From mini services to full days, from brunch khổng lồ lunch and beyond, we are your relaxation destination!

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Dream has always been a fantastic experience for me. Everyone is friendly, attentive sầu and truly takes the time to lớn get khổng lồ know you. You are always greeted with warmth on the phone or in person. Lori (the owner) takes special interest in all her clients. Beata is a gem & is well crafted và very thorough & Ally (front desk) is a sweetheart. This is an exceptional team.

Elisa C.

Always a great facial with Dahlia. She is amazing at treating my difficult skin & always make me feel glowing after


The atmosphere at Dream is lovely. I had a one hour mas sa with Wendy that was excellent, she immediately knew where my problem areas were và worked through them with care và expertise. I would definitely go bachồng for another!

Elizabeth B.

Amazing! I am so glad that I found this spa làm đẹp before the wedding - I"m very happy with the result & the service. Everyone is also very pleasant, which makes for a nice atmosphere! Thank you!

Sinead C.

Everything about going khổng lồ Dream is like going away lớn a spa làm đẹp. I love sầu that they provide orange water và small snacks from the moment you settle in. I had an excellent waxing session with Zađưa ra & then went on khổng lồ a blissful massage with Wendy. I have sầu seen Wendy in the past and highly recommkết thúc her. She is very knowledgeable và committed to working on areas which need help. It was a glorious treat và I will be back!

Carolyn D.

Overall it was a fantastic experience. The women were so kind and welcoming upon my arrival and made sure I felt comfortable. The facial và the massage were the best I have ever had và will definitely be returning & referring my friends.

Mindy B. ~ New Haven

Always the most fabulous service, atmosphere và beauticians. A dream!!!! Have sầu been a loyal customer for twelve years.

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Nancy B. ~ New Canaan

I am always pleased with the experience at Dream. The services are exceptional & the staff is very friendly & professional.

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