Forester spa

After spending several days on a moped and walking around it was time for R&R. I got a full toàn thân... read more

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I arrived and was greeted with a hot tea and a wide range of services which included facials, massages & spa làm đẹp services. There was a discount on a 90 minute aromatherapy mas sa and 30% off thực đơn items. So for the mát xa and an 50 minute aloe Vera facial it costs me 545000 dong. The girl that did the mas sa was really good and was very polite.


Being an Asian, I appreciate the way that they handle clients with care & not just let u lie without cover. The masseuse saw to lớn it that I am comfortable. She"s very careful but very good. It"s one of the best thing that I experienced in Mui Ne. I had muscle mát xa, aloevera facial and bodyscrub

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This was one of the best spa làm đẹp experiences in Vietphái nam ... Right on the ocean. We had a scrub mas sa & facial to lớn the sound of the ocean & it blew our minds. Staff are really good at what they vì and it is spotless. We both felt 10 years younger such loving hands & care .

This place is amazing !!! We had massage, scrub and sauna plus manicure for reasonable price. Started with sauna which was nice & relaxing. Myself & friend in one room too.Massage wasn"t too hard or too soft. They didn"t speak during massage lượt thích others have sầu. Scrub was really nice & organic products. Overall very impressed with this place và would go baông chồng again! Have sầu recommended lớn everyone I have meet along the way!

we loved this place. You can sit outside & get a foot massage right by the water. Perfect way to relax. The staff caters to tourists & the prices are reasonable.

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If you like massages you know how they try to give you the relaxing feeling of a nice beach and quiet huts và so on.... Well here you get all this in real! It is pure paradise! As soon as you get through the beautiful entrance you are in wellness-eden with real sea sounds & real Wooden huts... The staff is very friendly. I had a hot stone mát xa of 1,5 hours (!!!) which was totally great! All in all a very relaxing experience. Tea is served at the bar as long as you stay or wait for your buddys.

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