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Blackpink is currently one of the most popular girl bands & KPop groups in general. The group that consists of Jennie, Jisoo, Rosé an Lisa debuted on August 8, năm nhâm thìn with the single Square One that was extremely well received by the fans of South Korean music.

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Since the debut the girls maybe haven"t released as many physical albums as we hoped for but we can be pretty much pleased with the Blackpink merchandise that YG Entertainment managed khổng lồ deliver.

Pop-Up Store 2017 Merchandise

In 2017 Blackpink opened their first pop-up store during the release of As If It"s Your Last to lớn sell some of the merchandise prepared by YG Entertainment. The siêu thị was opened for 11 days starting from June 23. The visitors could get three items - two different sets of posters (525 x 750 mm, 6 sheets in each set), set of 22 postcards (111 x 170 mm) và a phokhổng lồ frame (480 x 357 mm). There were 12 different types of a photo lớn frame available: two of each thành viên - Jennie, Jisoo, Rose & Lisa và 4 of the whole group.


Square Up Pop-Up Store 2018 Collection

The second pop-up store Square Up was opened from June 16 lớn June 24, 2018. The location of the store was at the same place where the reality show Blackpink House was shot. The attendees were able lớn get three pieces of Blackpink merchandise.


The first thắng lợi is Blackpink official lightstichồng that looks like a hammer with a triple pink heart on both sizes. It is responsive to lớn sound. The form size of it is 175 x 28.5 x 9.3 cm & it weights around 310 g. It runs on two AAA batteries. The work time of the lightstichồng is 5~10 hours. It is manufactured by TRADIT.

Initially the lightstiông chồng came with a mix of photocards (version 1 or version 2) when purchased from official YG store.


The second công trình is a keyring that looks exactly the same as the Blackpink official lightstichồng. Of course the kích thước is much smaller - 92 x 48.5 x 30.5 mm. But it works almost equally good. All you need is three LR41 batteries & it can run for 6 hours. Please rethành viên that you most likely will not be able to get it from the official YG store since it includes an internal battery that cannot be shipped overseas.

The third & the final part of this Blackpink merchandise is a picnic set that includes a picnic table mat (45 x 45 cm), eteo bag (35 x 45 cm, strap: 65 cm), bottle (30 x 34 mm) & a mix of stickers and badge. Similar picnic sets were also released for other YG groups lượt thích Sechskies, Big Bang, Winner and iKON as a part of YG Box Season 2 collection.

In Your Arena Tour Merchandise

In Your Arena is Blackpink"s second concert tour after Arena Tour in 2018. It started in November 2018 with a concerts in Seoul where the girls performed before the audience of 20 000 people. The group continued the tour in 2019 performing in more countries in Asia and will be visiting United States, Canadomain authority và then Europe and nước Australia in the upcoming months.

YG Entertainment prepared a special selection of Blackpink merchandise. And we"re talking here about a huge number of goods - 33 in the first part và 12 in the second. The second part is a YG mascot Krunk related collection.


The 33 items in this part is a treat for every Blackpink tín đồ. If you"re thinking about purchasing any of these you can easily get them online on the official YG shop YG Select. Some of them might be out of stochồng though.

The collection starts with a selfcare planner sized 142 x 185 x 335 mm. It comes with a set of 4 transparent photocards with the picture of each member. You can purchase a black ballpen with a a pink heart on it that will go nicely with the planner.


The ballcap from RINSE&CO is a part of Square Up merchandise but was also included in this mix. It is a không tính phí size thành quả (54-60 cm). If you prefer a bucket hat you can get a blaông chồng hat with the words "Ddu Du" written in green và yellow. The third option is a simple beanie. The black version says "Debuted On August 8, 2016" & the pink one has "Ddududu" on it.

Next we have a travel pouch mix that consists of 4 different form size pouches with a Blackpink biệu tượng công ty on it - flat pouch: 255 x 160 mm, mesh pouch (S): 3trăng tròn x 2trăng tròn milimet, mesh pouch (M): 290 x 270 milimet & mesh pouch (L): 400 x 300 mm. These were manufactured by ACE KOREA Co., Ltd. You can get another pouch sized 230 x 115 x 30 milimet separately that was made by SFM KOREA CO., Ltd.

Two types of socks are available - blaông xã và pink with heart or words "Black" và "Pink" matching the color in type 1 và with letters "B" or "P" in type 2. The kích thước is không tính tiền (24 cm).

A lightstick and keyring that were a part of Square Up Pop-Up Store 2018 collection are included here as well.

The phối of two Krunk tumblers should be a part of the latter collection but somehow it was added khổng lồ the first part. Two colors are available. It was manufactured by Seung Hwa P&P Co., Ltd.

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Next we have sầu a transparent phonecases with a glitter in it. Unfortunately these are available only for IPhone (IPhone 7/8, IPhone 7/8 Plus, IPhone X).

The four pin badges are not all in one mix. You have sầu to lớn get them separately. The pins are available in the shape of Blackpink hình ảnh (55 x 15 mm), two hearts with the letters "BP" (33 x 18 mm), lightstiông xã (33 x 54 mm) & hearts (38 x 33 mm). They are made of brass.

A phối of two heart shaped soaps will look great in your bathroom. As a souvenir of course because it would be a pity lớn use it up. The first one is Trắng & the second is pink with a visible glitter. The form size of each one is 143 x 74 x 35 mm.

If you"re in need of something to sleep in you will appreciate a pink không tính phí sized pajama. It has initials "BP" on a left sleeve. The phối consists of shirt và pants. If you need just pants you can get a striped blaông xã and pink sleeping pants manufactured by YG Entertainment.

The portable charger will make your life less difficult by helping with charging your điện thoại thông minh. It consists of two parts - a head (95 x 55 x 50 mm) & a battery itself (handle) (trăng tròn x đôi mươi x 125 mm). In a box you will find a strap, USB cable & user manual.

The scrap book is a binder that you can use khổng lồ make the notes, keep your photocards or other stuff. It includes the photos of all members. The form size of this công trình is 240 x 235 x 40 milimet và it is manufactured by TAESUNG DPA.

There is even an thắng lợi designed for your pet. It is a simple pink scarf that comes in two sizes: M & L.

The official concert Blackpink khẩu hiệu also comes in this collection. It has a logo of the group on both sides (a mirror image of the biểu tượng logo on the pink side). The kích thước of the slogan is 300 x 1100 milimet.

The next vật phẩm which is a transparent bag can contain all your necessities. It has a Blackpink biệu tượng công ty on front. The kích thước of the bag is 280 x 270 x 105 milimet and the length of the strap is 580mm.

There are available two types of T-shirts - long sleeve sầu và regular. The regular one is available in three colors: blue, pink và White & three sizes: M, L, XL. The long sleeve T-shirt comes in two colors: blaông xã & White & two sizes: M & L.

The other items are a pink bath headbvà (200 x 70 mm), blanket (750 x 1050 mm), masking tape (one of 4 available) (15 x 5000 mm), bracelet with a heart pendant, heart cushion (36 x 27 x 12 cm), heart mát xa stiông xã (42 x 12 x 6 cm), Krunk hair string with a charm, phối of epoxy stickers made by HANKANG J.K.C (195 x 168 mm) & a trifold wallet (125 x 75 mm) with a lanyard made by UNIONOBJET.

In Your Arena Tour Merchandise 2

YG Entertainment decided to lớn release another line for the ongoing In Your Arena tour - this time it"s a Krunk related collection. We will find here 12 new items.

The first two products are a Krunk cushions/teddy bears - one bigger (45cm) & one smaller (30cm). The next is a keyring with a Krunk wearing blaông xã T-shirt with a name Blackpink on it.

There are two different versions of a cross bag available - a round one and a regular. Both made of polyester.

If you need a sleeve for your máy tính you can get it a blaông xã one sized 38 x 28 x 3 centimet with Krunk"s face on it.

One of two available pairs of slippers will be a great addition khổng lồ the pajama introduced by YG earlier. You can choose between blaông xã & pink fur slippers. Both come in three sizes: S: 230~240mm, M: 250~260milimet, L: 260~270mm.

In this collection you can get a pet hoodie (in two different colors) for your pet that will match the pet scarf from the first collection. It comes in three sizes: S, M and L.

The other items are a pouch (22 x 14 x 6.5 cm), hooded cushion (32 x 30 x 11 cm) và a wrist toy (8.5 x 5.5 x 5.5 cm).

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Blackpink Winter Edition Set

At the end of 2018 a special set of Blackpink merchandise showed up on YG shop. It is a part of a YGBOX4 Winter Collection were similar sets were released also for Big Bang, iKON, Sechskies & Winner. The set consists of three items: muffler (165 x 1600 mm), gloves (không lấy phí size), badge (33 x 42 mm) and calendar.

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