Modern hanbok brands

While the hanbok used to lớn be worn only during special occasions, designers have started to lớn update them to lớn suit modern times in recent years. Modern hanbok is often designed for daily wear & incorporates contemporary elements. 

Korean celebrities such as BLACKPINK have sầu also started khổng lồ add modern hanbok to lớn their wardrobe. In the music đoạn phim for the group’s lathử nghiệm new single, How You Like That, BLACKPINK wore brightly-coloured modern hanbok, also known as shin hanbok (new hanbok), in a dance scene. 

To help you follow in the footsteps of your favourite idols, we’ve put together a menu of brands where you can purchase your new modern hanbok and strut your stuff. 

1. Danha Seoul 

Images adapted from: Danha Seoul, Danha Seoul and Danha Seoul

Founded in 2018, Danha Seoul is one of the hotdemo brands for modern hanboks right now. You may recognise some Danha Seoul pieces from BLACKPINK’s lademo music Clip. Both Rosé’s fruit pattern top and Jennie’s pink floral jacket are from Danha’s Spring/Summer 20trăng tròn collection. 

Images adapted from: BLACKPINK & Danha Seoul

Jennie’s jacket was altered by her stydanh mục, but don’t fret. The brand has a jeogori (hanbok top) version that’s similar to what she wore in the music video clip.

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Images adapted from: BLACKPINK và Danha Seoul

Danha Seoul prides itself on its eco-friendliness. The brvà uses only organic or recycled fabric, as well as a traditional Korean drafting method to lớn minimise fabric wastage. 

The brvà offers hanbok-inspired pieces, such as crop tops, dresses, và trousers. Their designs primarily utilise bright và pastel colours with traditional floral và fruit motifs to create a more avant-garde feel in their prints. 

There are also pieces in muted shades such as cream, brown, navy, và blachồng for those who prefer a neutral wardrobe.

Image adapted from: Danha Seoul 

In addition to clothes for adults, Danha also sells mini hanboks for kids so you can dress up your tiny doppelganger in matching designs. 

Pieces from Danha Seoul start at USD115. Shop for them here.

2. Leesle

Images adapted from:
leesle and LEESLE

Started by head designer Hwang Lee-sle in 2014, LEESLE aims to lớn make fashionable yet wearable hanbok. It is one of the most prominent Korean hanbok fashion brands worldwide và was even featured in Vogue. 

LEESLE has been worn by the likes of several K-pop celebrities, such as BTS’s Jimin, SHINee’s Taemin, và Wanmãng cầu One’s Lai Kuan-lin. 

BTS Jimin wearing Sopak SlacksImages adapted from: BANGTANTV and LEESLE

SHINee Taemin wearing Sochangui Maxi CoatImages adapted from:
leesle_official and LEESLE

Wanna One Lai Kuan-lin wearing Trench Dopo CoatImages adapted from:
leesle_official & LEESLE 

Their designs tover to be on the subtler và simpler side, preferring to lớn focus on translating hanbok features inkhổng lồ everyday clothing. 

LEESLE’s pieces start at USD50. Shop for them here.

3. Seorinarae 

Images adapted from:
seori_narae và

Seorinarae is another modern hanbok brand that has been worn by K-pop idols. The brand posted a pholớn of BTS’s Jimin wearing a men’s top on their official Instagram trương mục, although this has since been taken down. 

BTS Jimin wearing Blue Linen JeogoriImages adapted from:
gingerol95 and Seorinarae 

Seorinarae has mainly concentrated its efforts on saenghwal (daily life) hanbok. They modernise traditional hanbok elements with preppy prints such as stripes, polka dots, and even plaid.

Interestingly enough, the brvà has also tapped into lớn the svào couple-centric culture in Korea to lớn produce couple sets with matching hanboks.

Seorinarae is one of the most affordable options on this danh sách, with prices starting from USD30.

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Shop the brand here. 

4. Coreano

Images adapted from:
coreano.kr__casual_hanbok và COREANO

Coreano is a 10-year-old br& that has refined its take on casual-style hanbok. Its designs mainly utilise subtle floral prints & pastel colours for a younger and fresher feel. They vì chưng also make use of lace và dark colours for more extravagant pieces. 

Besides just coats, their winter collection includes shawls, capes and thicker jackets with hoods.

Coreano pieces retail from ~USD70. Shop from them here. 

5. Dailyhan

Modern hanbok pieces worn with everyday clothingImages adapted from: Dailyhan, Dailyhan and Dailyhan 

Dailyhan hopes khổng lồ revitalise the idea of hanbok being worn daily, as Koreans did in the past. Thus, they actively make it a point to lớn demonstrate how their products can be worn with other everyday clothing.

Dailyhan has a wide range of short-sleeved jeogori made with lightweight fabric, perfect for warm weather. 

Prices start from ~USD40. Shop here.

6. bellahanbok (Etsy shop)

Images adapted from: bellahanbok, bellahanbok and bellahanbok 

bellahanbok is an Etsy siêu thị that sells different types of hanboks, including modern ones. The trương mục has over 1,000 5-star đánh giá, with more than 500 accounts marking it as a “favourite” store. 

Its modern hanbok range caters to lớn both male & female consumers. Female consumers will find themselves drawn to lớn the store’s collection of ethereal pieces made with soft chiffon, lace, elegant floral prints, & embroidery. 

Young parents might also want khổng lồ check out bellahanbok as they sell kid hanboks for their little customers. 

Image adapted from: bellahanbok

Another relatively affordable option on this list, prices here start at USD35. Shop from bellahanbok here. 

7. Tcnhì Kim 

Images adapted from: Tchai Kim & Tchai Kim

Tcnhị Kim is acclaimed designer Kim Young-jin’s ready-to-wear line. She also has a couture line, Tcnhị Kyên ổn Young Jin. 

The label is well-known for its originality even outside of Korea, having been covered by Vogue và Great Big Story. The brand even received praise from supermã sản phẩm Naomi Campbell when she made a trip to lớn Korea, and was selected by Victoria & Albert Museum in the U.K. to lớn be featured in an exhibition. 

Tcnhì Kyên ổn is perhaps most famous for adapting the cheollik, a skirted outer robe worn by male officials or noblemen, into lớn a dress for females. This is just one example of how the br& strives to challenge stereotypes & be unconventional.

Tcnhì Kim’s standard pieces retail from ~USD80 onwards. The brand’s online store doesn’t accept international payments despite offering shipping outside of South Korea. However, you can check out proxy buying services that will purchase what you want on your behalf. 

Tcnhị Klặng has a physical store in Shinsegae Department Store’s Gangnam branch. 

8. Zijangsa

Images adapted from: Zijangsa, Zijangsa & Zijangsa 

Despite being a small brvà, Zijangsa has received much love sầu from K-pop celebrities. BTS’s Jungkook notably wore a daily hanbok to the airport.

BTS Jungkook wearing V-Neông chồng Daily HanbokImages adapted from: Dispatch Korea and Zijangsa

The br& itself mainly focuses on seungbok, a type of daily hanbok worn by monks. As such, their designs tkết thúc to lớn be kept simple, but are available in a range of colours. Zijangsa’s clothes are designed lớn be comfortable & fit for daily wear, even in hot và humid weather.

While the store is able lớn provide international shipping, you would have to use a proxy buying service in order khổng lồ make payment. Zijangsa’s pieces start from KRW12,000 (~USD10.05). Shop for them here. 

Modern hanbok for the contemporary age

In addition khổng lồ supporting tradition, celebrities have taken khổng lồ wearing modern hanbok as a way to lớn showcase local brands. So when you pay homage lớn your favourite idol, you’ll also be helping these designers in their mission khổng lồ revitalise the hanbok in a new era. 

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