I can’t remember the last time I saw my hair in its natural colour, unless it’s the roots growing out after my current colour job. In fact, I see my hairstylist every six to eight weeks to lớn maintain my style & colour. But with Covid-19 making things a little crazy and with everyone tightening their wallets, I started reducing my visits to lớn the hair salon.

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I’ve sầu seen Mise En Scene hair serums, treatments and DIY hair colour kits on my trips khổng lồ Seoul, South Korea. Friends who have tried their products have all said good things about it. So I was looking forward to lớn reviewing its popular Hello Bubble Foam Màu sắc.

I wanted khổng lồ see how easy it would be to not only colour my hair myself, but to lighten it too. And of course, if I could kết thúc up looking like one of the Blackpink girls – Who’s your fave? Mine is Jennie – why not?

Here’s what happened.


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Review: I looked lượt thích one of the Blackpink girls after using this DIY hair colour
Product: Mise En Scene Hello Bubble Foam Color | Price: $18.90

What It Is

A bubble foam do-it-yourself hair colour that promises to deliver even colour from root lớn tip. In addition to the different colour options, the range also includes a Primer. Think of it as a gentle size of bleach but without the damaging effects – it’s meant to lớn lighten your existing hair colour so that the bright và fun hair colours that follow will look bold and vibrant.

The Mise En Scene Hello Bubble Foam màu sắc comes in shades lượt thích Rose Gold, Ballet Pink, Mermaid Green & Twinkle Blue, as well as more natural hues like Dark Choco, Choco Brown và Ash Khaki Brown.

Key Ingredients

The gentle foam bleach contains low levels of hydroren peroxide and a Secret Magic Oil that is enriched with lavender, Madonna lily & camomile extracts to lớn hydrate & protect the scalp and hair, minimising damage. It also conditions tresses, giving it an enviable glossy shine.

The Texture

Unlượt thích many DIY hair colours that use creams & lotions, Mise En Scene Hello Bubble Foam Color uses a bubble foam that makes application really easy & fuss-không lấy phí. In addition, the foam isn’t watery so you don’t have lớn worry about it sliding off và dripping down the baông xã of your neông chồng.

The box comes with most of the essentials needed for a DIY hair colour job: the different solutions, pump, protective hair oil, cape to protect my clothes from the hair dye, & after-care treatment.

To achieve the lighter, brighter hair colour of the Blackpink girls, I used the Primer before applying the hair dye. The instructions were easy to lớn follow – pour in the Bleach Solution and Secret Magic Oil into lớn the Oxidation Solution & gently shake until uniformly mixed. The great thing is that it did not have sầu a svào ammonia scent, unlike other hair dyes I’ve tried before. In fact, the scent was surprisingly pleasant.

Following the instructions, I applied the primer from the crown to the hair ends, in sections, then left it for 30 minutes. By the end of that half hour, I could see that my hair was noticeably lightened. But as the Primer only contains very low levels of hydrogene peroxide, my hair was only marginally lighter – for instance, dark brown hair will become brown hair. It will not transform you into lớn a platinum blonde.

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The Primer is ikhuyễn mãi giảm giá if you want khổng lồ experiment with lightening your hair but don’t want lớn go all the way with salon-grade bleaching. And because the Primer is mild, my hair wasn’t as dry as it was when I did a salon tóc bleaching two years ago.

While I could have moved on khổng lồ the hair dye after I washed the Primer out of my hair, I opted khổng lồ add the colour the next day instead.

I decided khổng lồ channel Blackpink’s leader, Jisoo, with the rose-gold hair. The instructions were similar lớn that of the Primer, but this time, it was combining the Hair Colorant và Ampoule inlớn the bottle with the Oxidisation Solution. Give the bottle 20 gentle swirls in a clockwise motion to ensure that the solutions are well-mixed.

Then, I applied the colour in the same manner as the Primer và waited 30 minutes for the dye khổng lồ develop. If you want more subtle colour, you can leave sầu the dye on for 20 minutes before rinsing it out.

I was really happy with the end result. My hair wasn’t considerably lightened but the colour was noticeable under the sunlight.

Overall, the bubble foam made the hair dye easy lớn apply, though the addition of a comb applicator with the box would have made application easier (especially for those with longer hair).

One bottle of bubble foam was also more than enough for my slightly shorter than shoulder-length hair. Even though the packaging stated that I would need a full bottle, I ended up using only three-quarters of it.

I was most impressed with the hair treatment pachồng – Perfect 3-Minute Serum Salon Pack, that was included in the box. It left my hair so soft, smooth and shiny after colouring. The good news is that you can also grab a full kích cỡ of this treatment to use on a regular basis khổng lồ nourish và protect hair, especially if you colour your hair and/or use heated styling tools regularly.

The rose-gold colour lasted about a week, though if you have sầu had your hair already bleached at the salon, the brighter shades would probably last longer, even with regular shampooing. And even after the colour washed out, my hair’s base colour remained lighter than normal because of the pre-dye Primer.

If you’re looking to lớn experiment with brighter hair colours, this is a great way to lớn vì so because it’s easy lớn use, it smells pleasant and the colour options are so pretty. Plus, who wouldn’t want lớn look lượt thích one of the Blackpink girls – even if you’re only channelling their hair colours, right? Although, if you’re looking khổng lồ cover any greys, you might want to lớn opt for the darker shades instead.