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Actress Son Ye Jin has just posted her first Instagram update since confirming her relationship with Hyun Bin.

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In her post, she mentioned her newly revealed relationship & wished her fans a Happy New Year. Her flowers have sầu a card wishing her a Merry Christmas & a Happy New Year, but it’s now known who sent them.

The new year has arrived.

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Why am I this embarrassed that the first from me is about my personal situation and not my work…

Hm… um… umm..

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Yes, it happened that way.. ^.^


Um… ^^;;

I don’t know what to say, but I feel lượt thích I have lớn say something lớn you guys.. It’s very awkward & weird to me ^^

I’m thankful for meeting a good person and I will try to work on it well…

I always keep the love sầu và tư vấn you all send me in my heart. I hope more good things happen khổng lồ you all in the new year. Please stay healthy.

— Son Ye Jin


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