Kill this love

Unleash your inner punk with this sassy look made famous by Jennie Kyên from BLACKPINK, and recreated by Nikkie tutorials!

NikkieTutorials recently took to lớn her YouTube lớn recreate a sweet yet sassy makeup look that the beautiful Jennie Kyên ổn rocked in BLACKPINK’s music video clip for their single ‘Kill This Love’.

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This chất lượng look the effortlessness of K-beauty with the edgy attitude of their hybridised K-Pop/EDM/Hip-Hop sound.

Whether you’re a die-hard Blink or just a lover of glam, here’s how you can emulate this super hardcore yet ultra-glam look.


The base

Drawing on the techniques of standard K-beauty, you should try to lớn keep to a light coverage, natural foundation and minimal concealer lớn spot conceal & brighten the undereye area.

Using a wet beauty sponge will make your foundation appear dewier which is exactly what we want lớn achieve.

Apply your foundation on top of an illuminating primer lớn create the appearance of glowing skin.

We wet n wild Photo Focus Face Primer Dewy Till Prime Dew Us Part ($9.99)

The brows


Use a brow powder and an angled brush to lớn fill in your brows by lining them from the top to tame your natural arch.

Once you have sầu straightened out the top of your brow, you can fill in any sparse areas and even out the bottom.

Use a clear or lightly tinted brow gel on your inner hairs to add some texture và definition. This will also create a more natural appearance.

The eyes


With a bright red eyeshadow, blover the pigment in a V shape on the outer third of the eye and the outer third of the lower lash line. Extend outwards và diffuse edges for a softened yet dramatic look.

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Leave sầu the centre of the lid và lower lash line bare and apply the same colour on the inner corner and tear duct.


Pat a gold champagne eyeshadow on the bare areas – that is, the centre of the lid & the middle of the lower lash line.

We Berries 2 Eyeshadow Palette 12 Colours ($16.95)


Then with a gold liquid liner, draw a line directly through the centre of the lid and extend this down lớn the lower lash line.

We Colors Holographic Liquid Eyeliner Galactic Gold ($6.95)

Finish the eyes with some mascara and thiông chồng accent lashes on the outer half.

The face


Apply a pink peachy blush a little higher than the cheekbones và across the nose for an innocent flushed look.

We ModelCo Blush Cheek Powder 02 Peach Bellini ($16.95)


Lightly dust a gold champagne coloured highlighter across the forehead, cheeks và along the nose for a radiant, glowing look.

The lips


Line your lips with a nude lip liner khổng lồ add some definition.

Tap a peach coloured lipstick onto the lips for a subtle touch of colour, then dab a strawberry gloss in the centre.

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Finish your look with a spritz of dewy setting spray to lochồng your makeup in place & melt powders inkhổng lồ the skin for a natural skin finish.

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