Jo In-sung who just finished the drama "That Winter, the Wind Blows" said, "I don"t want khổng lồ star in anything like that for a while". This drama was a first since the movie "A Frozen Flower" 5 years ago. He seemed sad to lớn let Oh Soo go as he said, "The drama lingers so much that I called the writer, Noh Hee-kyeong the day after the last shoot và cried on the phone. "That Winter, the Wind Blows" is something I put more effort in than a movie". He also said, "Song Hye-kyo is beautiful enough for any man lớn want".

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- How does it feel lớn finish your first come baông xã project in 5 years?

"I called Noh in the morning after watching the final episode & cried for a while. It felt weird as feelings of sorriness and dejection co-existed. The drama took a preparation time of more than 5~6 months and it was harder than a movie. Noh listened khổng lồ be quietly & then said, "Why didn"t you put less effort inlớn it"".

- Apparently you cried the most during the making

"I cried a lot in the scene where I drank Soju with Jung Eun-ji (Hee-seon). It was the scene we worked hard on the most. She said she cracked her head for two days for the line, "You should have cheated". The scene was shot since the morning và reading lines lượt thích, "Yeong loved you" and "She seemed bitter" made me go crazy. The scene had lớn be put on hold for us to go have sầu a cigarette. The director told me it was enough for this scene & that I should read it anymore".

- What kind of advice did Go Hyun-jung give you?

"She didn"t exactly say anything but she sent me a text message saying "Noh Hee-kyeong is the best. Kyên ổn Kyoo-tae is the best. Song Hye-kyo is the best và you are the best". It meant a lot khổng lồ me".

- There were many close-up scenes.

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"The director wanted many intricate scenes that even captured the movement of hands. I even had nail care for the hands. It bothered me that I had many scenes where I had lớn touch Song Hye-kyo"s face. But it was easier to distribute my emotions to lớn all parts of my toàn thân rather than just my face as it can sometimes seem lượt thích too much".


- To evaluate Song Hye-kyo as a woman?

"She is an amazing woman. No one can disagree with me that she is amazing. That doesn"t mean I want her otherwise. It"s my theory that dramas should kết thúc as dramas. The moment you start having other thoughts is when things get awkward. Thinking about your partner as more than a partner will make you look at her in a different way".

- You are in your 30s. Any marriage plans?

"I feel the time to get married is closing in. I wonder who my future partner will be. My ikhuyễn mãi giảm giá type is someone with a bigger mind than me. A man is always a child as I hear my mother say she has 3 sons including my father. I also hope my woman is someone slightly bigger than me and suppress me. I think I need lớn get married before I"m 40 if I want to meet someone who can take care of me".

- Any plans for going abroad?

"I still think I"m a "local actor". I am already loved in my country I don"t need to exceed that and dem& it overseas. If there is an actress like Hye-kyo who has many talents & is loved overseas, there are actors like me who are happy with what I have sầu here. I vì hope though that my works are spread out overseas. Song Hye-kyo is an actress who knows how to speak English và Chinese. I need to lớn brush up on my Korean first".

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