Justice league: what is that song in flash's hq?

So now that you"ve sầu seen Justice League — or maybe you haven"t & are just curious about how K-pop ended up in a Zaông chồng Snyder movie — we need khổng lồ talk about Ezra Miller"s Barry Allen. He"s one of the standout players in this sprawling, saturated superhero team-up. His naivevấp ngã is oddly charming, & his rapid-fire quips add a bit of much-needed levity lớn the DC Extended Universe. But we"re not here khổng lồ talk about his winning sense of humor or social awkwardness.

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Instead, we"ve sầu gathered you all here lớn discuss Barry Allen"s love of K-pop.

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At one point in the movie, Bruce Wayne (Ben Affleck) invites himself inkhổng lồ the scarlet speedster"s graffitied Central City warehouse to lớn recruit hyên for the new team he"s putting together to lớn save sầu the world from a CGI death god (sure). Of course while all of this is happening, the music đoạn phim for Blackpink"s "As If It"s Your Last" can be seen playing on one of Barry"s many monitors. (Richồng và Morty flashes on another one of Barry"s screens, further demonstrating his excellent taste.)


That"s right: While Bruce Wayne và Barry Allen are having a Very Important Conversation :tm: about saving the world, K-pop stars Blackpink are serving vocals and fire choreography in the background. Barry Allen is a Bliên kết. It"s confirmed.

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Earlier this month, Miller confessed his love for the K-pop girl group during a London live sầu stream with his Justice League cast mates. "I like that song," he said. "It"s kind of got a reggaeton vibe. And they bởi those cool dance moves... They"ve got a rap traông xã on it. It"s a good song. I like it a lot." (He then proceeded lớn dance along to the hook because Ezra Miller is too pure for this horrible world.)

It"s unclear how Blackpink ended up in the film, but it"s certainly a huge win for the group. Formed by YG Entertainment, the four twenty-somethings of Blackpink — Jennie, Jisoo, Rosé, & Lisa — made their debut in năm nhâm thìn & have been crushing it on the charts ever since. They"ve had three singles debut at No. 1 on Billboard"s World Digital Song Sales chart to become the leading female K-pop act. More impressively, "As If It"s Your Last" debuted at No. 13 on Billboard"s Bubbling Under Hot 100, which charts the songs just below the coveted Hot 100. Not only is this a huge accomplishment for an act that"s never been stateside, but they also bested the current kings of K-pop, BTS, whose single bowed at No. 15.

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