Kim nam gil và son ye jin

It has been reported that actors Kim Nam Gil and Son Ye Jin have been dating for four months now.

According to SBS Entertainment Sports, the two went from acquaintances to lớn lovers in July while they were filming the KBS drama “Shark” together.

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Although the drama had a sad ending, it looks lượt thích there was much happier ending for the two costars. The romance between the two actors was already known by the staff members of their drama và movie. A close acquaintance of both revealed, “They quickly became cthảm bại during the drama filming. It seems that they developed deep feelings for each other as they played tragic lovers.” 

While they saw each other naturally on the drama mix, they also spent their spare time lớn meet up. They secretly had their dates in areas around their homes. They also had a date in nhật bản, after the two had wrapped up filming their drama. 

After their drama, they ended up on the same mix again, this time for a movie. The two will play the leading roles in the Korean “Pirates of the Caribbean” movie, “Pirates.” It is said Son Ye Jin played a part in the casting of Klặng Nam Gil.

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A representative sầu of the movie said, “There was actually another actor we were considering for the role, along with Kyên ổn Nam Gil, but the staff was divided. Then, Son Ye Jin positively recommended Kyên Nam Gil, so the decision was made.”

A wedding could possibly be in the future for the couple as well. In an interview for her movie “Accomplice” Son Ye Jin said,” After a cthất bại frikết thúc of mine got married, I am more interested in marriage. I want to get married before I turn 34.” During the press conference for the same movie, Kim Nam Gil made a surprise appearance to lớn cheer loudly for Son Ye Jin. 

With all of this being reported by SBS Entertainment Sports, the actors’ respective agencies were quick lớn deny through an official statement.

In a phone interview, a representative sầu of Son Ye Jin’s agency, M Steam Entertainment, said, “The rumor that the two are dating is absurd. They are absolutely not in a lãng mạn relationship. It is true that the two became closer through their drama and movie filming. However, if they really were dating they would be honest about it.”

Klặng Nam Gil’s agency, Star J Entertainment, said, “He is absolutely not dating Son Ye Jin. This is absurd.”