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A little about us

La Jolie Beauty Bar, formerly known as Miel Beauty Bar, is a modern beauty haven serving the women of Ithaca,NY & the Finger Lakes. We offer high-chất lượng services and products in a fun và supportive sầu environment.

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We take pride in the cấp độ of service we provide at La Jolie Beauty Bar. Our seasoned therapists take their business seriously & treat their clients like family.Services offered include facials, care, makeup artistry & lessons, full body toàn thân waxing, organic spray tanning, and lash extensions.



We proudly carry professional skin care and makeup lines,including glo Beauty, Image Skincare, PCA Skin, Herbivore Botanicals, nügg Beauty,Supergoop, Agent Nateur, ogee, & Raw Spirit Fragrances.Our hàng hóa are hand-selected khổng lồ work beautifully with the skin care và makeup rituals we help you develop.


What is a beauty bar? All your beauty needs, in one place.

A beauty bar is a modern concept:not a spa làm đẹp, not a salon tóc, but a getaway for you & your friends.

Consider it a way khổng lồ make beauty social. Whether it’s a bachelorette các buổi party, mothers và daughters looking for a shared experience, or a few friends enjoying some time together after work, a beauty bar can be enjoyed by anyone interested in learning more about looking và feeling her best!


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Hi everyone! For those of you who don"t know me, I"m Ashley Lesh, the new owner of the Beauty Bar. I want to take a moment to lớn thank all of my supporters in my new endeavor, và khổng lồ express my deep gratitude to lớn each of you! I am blessed to have such loyal và trusting clients, và I hope khổng lồ show you my appreciation throughout this period of transition. Thank you all so much for your loyalty & patience throughout the last few months... I see a very bright future for us!


Clinton Plaza West609 West Clinton St. ,Suite 102Ithaca, NY 14850(607) 288-2855


Tuesday - Friday 10am — 5pmSaturday và Monday By appointment onlySunday Closed


Let"s connect

It"s been a long winter, và many of our clients are experiencing a dull, laông xã luster appearance khổng lồ their skin. This time of year, it"s important lớn know & discuss all of your exfoliation options with a professional. Many women are unaware of the numerous types of exfoliation, to address various skin conditions. If you"re hesitant to lớn exfoliate, và use a traditional face scrub, come in today và experience the appropriate form of exfoliation for your skin type! Whether it"s manual, enzymatic, or chemical, we have sầu all of your exfoliating needs và are anxious khổng lồ help you shed your winter skin! #beautybar #skincare #exfoliate #exfoliating #esthetician #esthetics #selfcare
We are thrilled khổng lồ announce the return of the lovely Charlotte Hunter! Our esthetician Charlotte is available Wednesday through Saturday for all of your waxing, trang điểm, tanning, và facial needs! Book today...Her schedule is filling up fast! #beautybar #esthetician #makeupartist #ithacany
I feel so blessed that what I vị for a living helps women look và feel their best! I am empowered by the women that surround me every day; I am a svào woman. #internationalwomensday #realqueensfixeachotherscrowns