Welcome lớn Aspen Leaf Day Spage authority. We look forward lớn providing a relaxing và memorable spa chăm sóc sức khỏe và làm đẹp experience.

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Escape inlớn a beautiful environment and cultivate your sense of calm. The Aspen Leaf Day Spa, nestled amid the Sleeping Lady Mountain Resort, is the ikhuyễn mãi giảm giá respite from the every day. Immerse yourself in our range of holistic services – inspired by và in cooperation with nature. You’ll emerge serene and rejuvenated, poised lớn explore our art walk, gourmet cuisine, & all the splendor of Sleeping Lady. Our professional, licensed, and dedicated staff members are committed lớn bringing wellness to you and your environment today, tomorrow và beyond.

Spage authority Amenities

Robes and SlippersOrganic Tea và ChocolateRelaxation and Walking Meditation in the Organic GardenSelf Guided Art WalkSpa Boutique và Shopping at the MercantileDry Sauna for resort guests

Signature Jade Treatments

Experience Jade’s healing, balancing và harmonizing properties in our Signature Jade Spage authority Treatments. This semi-precious stone is a symbol of immortality & longevity dating bachồng 7,000 years. Jade has been used to preserve and maintain skin tone & strengthen the immune system. The alluring heated Jade stones melt away tension held in the body. When cooled circulation is boosted & inflammation & heat in the body is reduced.

Breath of Mountain Air

Breathe in as you take time from the busy world to experience the essence of mountain air. This pampering event will bring the functions of the skin back into perfect harmony.Your experience includes a foot soak 60 minute full-body toàn thân antioxidant scrub with moisture application or a resource renewing 60 minute massage và a 60 minute Signature Organic Facial.

Allow 2 hours 15 minutes, $230

Aspen Leaf Relaxation Ceremony

Take time for a healthy escape and ease back inkhổng lồ total relaxation. Begin with your choice of a skin balancing facial or Jade herbal body wrap followed by a relaxing full-body mát xa.This ceremony includes a foot soak, 75 minute facial or Jade body toàn thân wrap and a relaxing 75 minute full-toàn thân massage. Allow 2 hours 45 minutes $270

Allow 2 hours 30 minutes, $250

The Enchantment of Renewed Energy

Encounter the power & strength of Jade as you melt away tension and strengthen the immune system.This journey includes a foot soak, 90 minute organic facial or detoxifying mud treatment and our 90 minute signature hot and cold Jade stone mas sa. Allow 3 hours 15 minutes $335.

Allow 3 hours, $285


Enhancement Package Upgrade: Add sparkling cider or wine, chocolate, garden lavender sachet and a foot soak, $16Aromatherapy steam shower (located at the Aspen Leaf Day Spa) must be 16 years of age or older for two, $40 || single $25.

Aspen Leaf Relaxation Massage

Our Aspen Leaf Massage offers all natural refueling of the body with gentle lớn firm pressure, customized just for you. Includes a scent journey to lớn uplift the spirits, clarify the mind và relax the toàn thân.

60 minutes $115 || 75 minutes $135 || 90 minutes, $155 (add an extra 30 minutes of well-being)

Resource Renewing Treatment Massage

Choose a more therapeutic, or deep tissue mát xa customized lớn your specific needs. A variety of modalities provide soft tissue manipulation to prsự kiện & alleviate pain, discomfort, muscle spasms, bao tay & aid in injury prevention và rehabilitation. A stimulating massage khổng lồ restore balanced health.

60 minutes $125 || 75 minutes $145 || 90 minutes, $165 (add an extra 30 minutes of well-being)

Signature Hot và Cold Jade Stone Massage

Known as the stone of Heaven, Jade stone mas sa incorporated heated and cooled jade stones cut khổng lồ various shapes & sizes that are placed on the body toàn thân và used for massage. Radiant heat from the stones releases built up toxins và increases your circulation while the cold stones reduce inflammation và energize your body toàn thân. This hot & cold stone mas sa will boost the immune system & improve your overall sense of well-being.

90 minutes $180 || couples side-by-side, $360

Natural Hot Stone Massage

Radiant heat rocks! Water heated basalternative text stones of varying sizes are applied khổng lồ key points on the body toàn thân, in a deep healing massage technique. A great choice for those unaccustomed khổng lồ massage and a wonderful variation for those who are regulars.

90 minutes $165 || couples side-by-side, $330

Shared Space Massage for Two*

Side-by-side relaxation massages in our couple’s mas sa room.

60 minutes $230 || 90 minutes, $310

Side-by-side deep tissue massages in our couple’s mas sa room.

60 minutes $250 || 90 minutes, $330* Romance package upgrade: Add sparkling cider or wine & organic chocolate và a foot soak: $32

Earth Mother Pregnancy Massage

Take time to connect: A healthy mom who takes care of herself is better equipped khổng lồ care for a child, even in utero. Pregnancy mas sa focuses on the special needs of the mother-to-be as her body progresses through the dramatic changes of the childbirth experience – pregnancy, birth and post-partum.

60 minutes, $1trăng tròn || 90 minutes, $160

Synergie AMS Massage (Day Spage authority only)*

The Synergy Aesthetic Massage System is the perfect complement lớn exercise & a healthy diet. This skin toning & smoothing cellulite solution delivers deep, sub dermal tissue massage for body sculpting & the reduction in the appearance of cellulite.

The Synergie AMS is cleared by the FDA to lớn provide reductions in the appearance of cellulite along with increased local blood circulation, relaxed muscles & the relief of minor muscle aches & pains.

50 minutes, $95 || Series of 6, $540 || Series of 10, $850

Cupping Massage

Experience an amazing full body treatment utilizing specially designed cups that create suction to lớn the skin during your mát xa. This mát xa stimulates circulation, lymphatic flow, relieves pain & releases tense muscles.

90 minutes, $165

Express Massage Services...short but sweet!

Custom 30 minute mas sa, $65Cupping therapy, 30 minutes, $7020 minute chair mát xa, $45

Signature Organic Jade Stone Facial

Glow with it…focus is on preventing premature aging and restoring a radiant, healthy looking glow while providing overall relaxation. Includes cleansing, exfoliation, steam, natural mask & mas sa of the face, neck décolleté và hands finishing with a Jade stone massage to lớn further tone & firm the facial muscles. This organic facial supports the skin và all its components with a balanced supply of naturally nourishing and regenerative substances that end with visible results.

60 minutes, $10590 minutes, $155 (includes an extra 30 minutes of pampering with an upgraded facial mask along with hand and foot paraffin treatment)

The Luxury Champagne Facial

Experience the finest riches of life with a trilogy of nature’s treasures: rich caviar, sparkling champagne and precious kim cương powder. These premium active ingredients dispense amino acids and nutritional substances that firm, hydrate and smooth fine lines và wrinkles while working deep inside to restore the intercellular matrix for healthy, luminous skin. Want lớn look absolutely flawless for a big sự kiện or just because? This facial treatment is a shimmering rendezvous that embodies pure luxury. Includes cleansing, đá quí powder exfoliation with steam, hyaluronic acid with line reducing serum, eye cream mask, concentrated facial mask along with mát xa of the face, décollevấp ngã và hands. Served with a glass of champagne và luxury foot soak.

60 minutes, $160

Skin Balancing Facial

Select a facial to address specific concerns with added time for extractions or a skin specific masque.

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For AcneConcerns: Specialized skin care to lớn reduce inflammation with added time for extractions and blemish care. Reduces inflammation, calms & soothes skin. For Mature Skin: The Vitamin C Facial Antioxidant rich, rejuvenating treatment for the skin with a blast of nutrients và vitamins utilizing Vitamin C serum and cream; effectively addressing dry or mature skin.

75 minutes, $135

The Synergie Ultimate Facial (Day Spa only)

Designed to lớn treat more that the surface of the skin, this facial utilizes crystal microdermabrasion lớn exfoliate the top skin layer while the vacuum-assisted mas sa treats the dermis & subcutaneous tissue khổng lồ enhance circulation. Photo-rejuvenation accelerates cellular metabolism & collagene production resulting in smoother & softer skin. This luxurious facial is unmatched in its overall effectiveness for addressing fine lines and hyperpigmentation.

Dramatic results are offered over the course of a series of treatments. For optimal results, the regimen consists of five sầu treatments scheduled 10-14 days apart. The Ultimate Synergie Facial is the total solution for healthier skin.

90 minutes, $155 || 30 minute mini-microderm $90Microderm Series $525 (includes 5 Treatments — 2 full & 3 mini-sessions)

Mountain Meadow Gentlemen"s Facial

De-stressing & detoxifying facial with age fighting natural botanicals. This facial utilizes products specifically crafted for men và combines deep cleansing with calming, hydrating and clarifying properties.

60 minutes, $105Add a little TLC with h& và foot mas sa, 90 minutes, $155

Protect the Environment Treatment Facial with Gentle Peel

Protect the skin you are in...this facial is effective sầu in improving hyperpigmentation and diminishing the appearance of large pores. The gentle peeling process restores skin hydration, tone and firmness. The intense anti-oxidant peel contains pumpkin enzyme, to lớn stimulate cell renewal which aids in diminishing the look of fine lines and wrinkles, restoring an overall youthful glow. Includes skin analysis, cleanse, antioxidant peel, facial mas sa, customized mask & skin balancing hydration.

60 minutes, $125 || 30 minute quichồng peel, $85Series pricing: 2 full & 3 quiông chồng peel treatments, $455

Dr. Spiller Pure Skin Care Solutions & Alpenrausch ”Alpen Splash“ Certified Organic Skin Care focuses on working with the skin & giving it the elements it needs, rather than breaking it down. Their inspiration remains in ”nature“ supporting the skin with a balanced supply of naturally nourishing & regenerative substances.

Back Facial

For a beautiful, soft baông xã. Includes cleanse, exfoliation, extractions, mask và moisturizer.

30 minutes, $65

Facial Add-ons:

Paraffin, $15LED light therapy, $25Mask or serum nâng cấp, $12AMS facial lifting mát xa, $35Express Facial Services: 30 minute Day Mini or Teen Facial, $60

Mini microderm, 30 minutes, $90Mini treatment peel, 30 minutes, $80

Antioxidant Body Scrub - Raw Cane Sugar with Vitamin E

Our body toàn thân scrubs polish the skin’s surface without disruption of its delicate balance. Your spa mixologist will select a personalized toàn thân scrub for an ultra-restorative sầu full body toàn thân exfoliation & hydration for the skin. This antioxidant rich scrub will regenerate skin and leave it glowing & velvety soft. Treatment includes toàn thân scrub with essential oil, shower, moisture application, hand and foot massage.

60 minutes, $125

Detoxifying Mud Treatment - Volcanic Ash with Neem

Mud purifies và detoxifies for a renewed sense of wellbeing and also restores hydration khổng lồ the skin, while healing và soothing inflammation. As you are cocooned, in relaxation, your body toàn thân will be immersed in the purifying properties of mud and minerals, from the Earth. This treatment includes a foot soak, dry body toàn thân brushing, mud masque, head and scalp mát xa, shower và hydrating lotion application.

90 minutes, $150

Signature Jade Body Wrap* - Choose HydraNourishing or Detoxifying

This East Asian herbal body wrap is lượt thích no other. The chất lượng formulation of Jade powder & herbs works to lớn rejuvenate và nourish the skin as it rebalances và revitalizes the entire system. Discover the secret of Jade therapy. This cell awakening treatment includes dry body brushing, herbal jade body wrap, head & scalp mát xa & moisture application.

75 minutes, $135

Tension Release Treatment*

For those desiring a more focused treatment lớn release the tension around the head & neông xã along with those busy hands và our feet that carry us through the day. Foot soak – Tension release for head/scalp, arms/hands, legs/feet.

60 minutes, $115 || For two (side-by-side): $230


Reiki is a Japanese healing technique that utilizes universal life force energy khổng lồ bring about deep relaxation and balance. It provides new vitality as it flows where needed. This process helps lớn restore & strengthen the whole system – mind, body and spirit – for total wellbeing.

60 minutes, $90

*Warning: Treatments involving body toàn thân wraps are not recommended for people who are pregnant or have sầu high blood pressure, diabetes, history of fainting or are on certain medications.

Signature Jade Stone Sole 2 Soul Foot Treatment

This treatment begins with a relaxing foot bath and light exfoliation of the feet và legs. A leg và foot masque is applied and tensions begin lớn melt away. Following the wrap deep hydration accompanied by warm Jade stones become an extension of your therapist’s hands delivering relief lớn weary legs và feet. Like walking on sunshine. Includes foot bath, cane sugar foot scrub, hydrating masque, moisture application.

60 minutes $95


Lip, Chin or Brow, $15 || Combo of 2, $25 || Jaw/Full Face, $25-55Underarm, $25 || Bikini, $35 || High Bikini $50 || Half/Full Leg, $55-85 || Brazilian, $90 || Full Baông xã, $75 || Half Baông xã, $45 ||


Brow Tint, $25 || Lash Tint, $35 || Combo, $50

AppointmentsAll Guests

Please turn off cell phones và pagers inside the spa khổng lồ preserve the tranquil nature of the space. To receive the full benefit of your spa làm đẹp experience, please arrive sầu on time. Guests must be 14 years of age or older. All guests under 18 years of age must be accompanied by an adult.

If you wish khổng lồ use the Steam Shower or Saumãng cầu, please discuss with the spa coordinator to lớn allow the appropriate additional amount of time. We regret that we cannot be responsible for any lost damaged or misplaced items; and please refrain from bringing any unnecessary or valuable items to the Spage authority. We vày not offer locker room service.


Our staff has reserved this time to care for you, should you need to lớn cancel an appointment please contact us 24 hours in advance of your visit, 72-hours for groups. Any cancellations with less than the required notice will result in a full charge of the scheduled service.


Some of our package offerings include wine as part of your experience. We vì limit this lớn one beverage which must be consumed during the spa làm đẹp treatment và while on the spa chăm sóc sức khỏe và làm đẹp property. ID is required.

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Gratuities are encouraged forappreciation for excellent service. To make you spa làm đẹp experience as seamless as possible, a 20% service charge will be applied khổng lồ all group services and day spa làm đẹp packages; however, it is adjustable lớn your preference at kiểm tra out.

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