In focus: these 5 signs prove that jennie is the *unofficial* leader of blackpink

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In Focus: These 5 Signs Prove sầu that Jennie is the *Unofficial* Leader of BLACKPINK

In Focus: These 5 Signs Prove that Jennie is the *Unofficial* Leader of BLACKPINK Dec 29, 2019 10:00 AM




When it comes to K-pop groups, it"s necessary to have sầu assigned positions for every member. From being the lead rapper to lớn the main vocamenu, the member"s position tells us precisely what they provide for the group. But the most popular K-pop girl group BLACKPINK is an exception because, unlượt thích other groups, they don"t have a leader! Some groups might have already done this, but BLACKPINK is the most talked-about one since they"re the first YG Entertainment group to lớn do this.

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Either way, fans can"t help but imagine what it would be like if BLACKPINK has a leader, và the perfect member lớn fill the role is none other than main rapper & vocalist Jennie! Here are four reasons why BLINKs crown her as the unofficial leader of the squad!

1. She was originally positioned as the group"s leader.

Before BLACKPINK debuted as a four-thành viên group, they were supposed lớn be a 9-thành viên girl group called PINK PUNK. During its early announcements, Jennie was positioned as the group"s leader since she trained the longest, is an incredible singer, can dance well, và is fluent with three languages. She also had the most exposure during their pre-debut days like appearing in G-DRAGON"s "That XX" và "Black" performances!


2. She"s hands-on with their performances.

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When you watch behind-the-scene footages of BLACKPINK"s concerts, you"ll see how serious she is when it comes to making sure that they all bởi their best. She talks và gives instructions that will make the performance a success not just with her members, but with the staff. As someone who trained for five sầu years, it"s no surprise that she"s more knowledgeable about this. Besides giving instructions, she checks up on her members before they persize to make sure they"re ready. And when she notices that they aren"t, she takes care of them to the best of her ability. Once the show is done, she also never forgets lớn thank everyone, including the back-up dancers and glam team!

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3. She"s usually the decision-maker of the group.

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In BLACKPINK"s Summer Diaries in Hawaii, we saw that Jennie was the one who organized the group"s vacation. She even made a schedule and các mục of what they"re going lớn vì during the trip, which Rosé noticed & teased her if she worked at the hotel they"re staying in because she knew everything there. She"s also fair with the decisions she makes, which is the reason why the girls lean on her most of the time. She makes it a point that every decision she makes will make all the members happy, which they all appreciate.

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