Top 10 Địa Điểm Spa Ở Huế Nổi Tiếng Với Khách Du Lịch


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Boracay Lyên Spa is very famous for its spa chăm sóc sức khỏe và làm đẹp programs and massages.Enjoy a relaxing massage ortheraphywithbest therapists.The luxurious facilities & cleanliness.


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Massage based on option

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Llặng Spa Placenta Massage (120 Mins)Sit on a chair and scrub your feet.Wash và shower with soap which is good for cleansing & moisturizing.After bathing, put on a robe and lie down on the bed.On the other h&, you will get a full body mas sa, starting with your legs.Lim SpaCacao Spage authority (150 Mins)Treatment cacao or mango clayOil lavender or eucalyptusDrink juice and scrub your feet.After taking a shower, take a bath of aromatic bath & vị a half bath.After full body toàn thân oil massage, you will finish with the facial cream hand và ankle mát xa.

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Please arrive 10 minutes before reservation time!Only adults (12 years old or older)canuse this package

If you are late, you will beconsidered as no show

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