Lisa'S Birthday 2017

To appreciate our precious girls hard works, Jisoo, Jennie, Rose and Lisa, lets highlight all Blackpink achievements throughout the year of 2017.

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Here we menu all of Blackpink accomplishments from their music, performances, bạn meeting, modeling/magazine photoshoot, endorsement/commercial film, TV/Event host, TV show & Radio appearance & many more.


Blackpink Rose sings “Just Dance”, a MIXNINE theme song produced by Teddy. The tuy nhiên was streamed live sầu for the first time on October 28, 2017 through Vlive.


1). BLACKPINK won Best New Artist of The Year on The 31st Golden Disc Awards (Digital Division), January 13, 2017


2). BLACKPINK won the Best New Artist Award on 26th Seoul Music Awards, January 19, 2017



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BLACKPINK won Rookie of The Year (Song) & Artist of The Year (Song-Monthly) for August and November (2016) at The 6th Gaon Chart Music Awards, February 22, 2017


4). BLACKPINK took #1 win with ‘As If It’s Your Last’ on Inkigayo, July 2, 2017


5). BLACKPINK ‘As if its your Last’ wins 1st place on Inkigayo, July 9, 2017


6). BLACKPINK ‘As if its your Last’ wins 1st place on Inkigayo (triple crown), July 16, 2017



1). Blackpink walked the red carpet & performed Whistle + Playing with Fire at 31st Golden Disc Awards, January 13, 2017.