Why Asia Is Obsessed With White Skin And Lightening Products

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The summer of re-emergence is here, but the best skin-care products & routines we leaned on during quarantine might not be going anywhere just yet. And as we get baông chồng lớn dinners, events, và outside activities, the sturdy top shelf we curated these last few months still holds its place.

Below, 41 myphamdalat.com.vn Editors detail the holy-grail products for their re-emergence summer routines, from hydrating ampoules khổng lồ transparent sunscreens. Less is always more! 

Virginia Smith, Fashion Director

When I can’t get to Rescue Spage authority for a facial with Diamãng cầu, Augustinus Bader’s The Rich Cream still works magic.


Tonne Goodman, Sustainability Editor 

I met Joanmãng cầu Vargas through myphamdalat.com.vn in 2006, before she became a celebrity lớn celebrities, and I have sầu been devoted ever since. She is known for ‘hands from heaven’ for her facials, and her products are flawless. I’m now committed to lớn her new nighttime serum. It’s a retinol serum that smells delicious, is hydrating, stimulates collagen, and tightens (important for me!). Say no more, it ticks all the boxes.

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Steff Yotka, Senior Fashion News Editor

In the spirit of Gwyneth “I use organic products, but I get lasers” Paltrow, I try to keep my skin-care routine pretty clean và minimal, however the one thing I can’t give sầu up is my NuFace. It’s a microcurrent tool that comes with a soothing gel to lớn lift, firm, & tone. I find that a thrice-a-week regimen keeps my skin looking taut và glow-y—even if the only people seeing it are on Zoom.


Chioma Nnadi, Editor of myphamdalat.com.vn

I’ve sầu always taken a less-is-more approach to my beauty regimen. And now I’m beginning lớn whittle down my routine even further. These days my skin tends khổng lồ respond best to facial oils. I use one by Lumity lớn loông chồng in moisture. I lượt thích that it contains rich macadamia oil và manuka too.


Hamish Bowles, International Editor-at-Large 

In a pre-COVID-19 world I was on a plane several times a month, & in the interest of not inducing a second hernia I had khổng lồ pare down the panoply of products ranged on far too many of my bathroom shelves at home. Luckily, my Paris- and London-based dermatologist, Dr. Antoni Calmon, made life very easy for me when he told me that I could get away with a morning application of SkinCeuticals C E Ferulic serum, a generic sunblochồng SPF 50 (although I barely phối eyes on the sun through most of the spring of 2020), và the cutaneous Differin cream at night before bed. (If I really wanted khổng lồ spoil myself at home, I might mitigate the tingle with a luxurious moisturizer: La Mer’s The Moisturizing Soft Cream is my first choice here, but after one of the jars broke in my luggage, I decided not lớn travel with it, although I’m sure the clothes it was packed with have never had a silkier softener!)