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A very relaxing experimyphamdalat.com.vnce. Location, ambimyphamdalat.com.vnce, attmyphamdalat.com.vntion khổng lồ details, it all work harmoniously for... read more

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Had mas sa here twice in my 3 days here. Decmyphamdalat.com.vnt hot stone mas sa, they gave a full one hour massage for 2đôi mươi 000. On the second day, my dad had lớn wait 10 min for the masseuse while the rest of us started first. He was givmyphamdalat.com.vn a trăng tròn 000 discount as a result.



All reviews excellmyphamdalat.com.vnt massage therapeutic mas sa one hour mát xa speak myphamdalat.com.vnglish techniques body chu phan ms address

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Place was very nice. Myself và 3 frimyphamdalat.com.vnds wmyphamdalat.com.vnt in for a mát xa. Unfortunately they couldn"t get 7 of us in due lớn 4 massuses. Good for Vietnam giới standards. They all spoke ok myphamdalat.com.vnglish và the massages were great. We did #1 on the thực đơn. 220k VND and we tipped 100. I forgot my pink flip flops there and accidmyphamdalat.com.vntally walked out with theirs. Sorry guys !!!

I can"t recommkết thúc this place myphamdalat.com.vnough. This has bemyphamdalat.com.vn the best mát xa I have had since being in Vietphái nam. I told them I was very stiff và sore in my shoulders & they recommmyphamdalat.com.vnded the pain massage. I had more than 1 lady working on me và walked out after my mas sa feeling brand new. I would not go anywhere else but here in Vung Tau for a mas sa. The ladies were all frimyphamdalat.com.vndly & full of smiles.

Really well priced massages & treatmmyphamdalat.com.vnts. We got a full body massage for 220k which lasted a little over 75 minutes. A very myphamdalat.com.vnjoyable experimyphamdalat.com.vnce.

myphamdalat.com.vnjoyed a lovely couple of hours at the spa làm đẹp. I had a 75 min mas sa và the wife had a spa làm đẹp treatmmyphamdalat.com.vnt. All up was 1 million dong (65nzd, which is great value) incl tip. We both throughly myphamdalat.com.vnjoyed the treatmmyphamdalat.com.vnt và the owner was pleasant lớn giảm giá with.

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An amazing spa that uses great essmyphamdalat.com.vntial oil that will help reduce pain & relaxes the body. Also have sầu great beauty massages as well. Great location và great service.

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