Naman retreat pure spa / mia design studio

Naman Retreat seamlessly blends timeless Vietnamese heritage & culture with luxurious modern charm. Impressive sầu traditional bamboo architecture và exquisite interiors, combined with our authentic Vietnamese hospitality assures you a wonderful retreat experience.

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Naman Retreat is the perfect getaway for those who crave sầu something bold, quality, và desire khổng lồ awaken their senses. We blur the lines between resort & spa làm đẹp, offering marvellous living spaces & countless opportunities to calm your mind, heal your body, and renew your soul. You’ll leave enriched, renewed and rejuvenated.

Our goal is to create magical and delightful experiences for each of our guests. Everything embraces our guests’ needs and desires, as they embark on a journey of ‘Being. Consciousness. Bliss.’


Danang has become Vietnam’s “most ideal” holiday destination. With an excellent international airport, pristine White svà beaches and cultural World Heritage sites, Danang offers visitors a chất lượng & memorable experience unmatched throughout the world.

Naman Retreat và Residences is a secluded, beachfront enclave nestled between two of the finest golf courses in Southeast Asia - Greg Norman’s Danang Golf Club và The Montgomerie Links. The world-famous Hoi An Ancient Town is just moments away, whilst the resort gives easy access to Danang City, The Marble Mountains, Ba Na Hills entertainment và the World Heritage Sites of My Son Sanctuary and the Imperial City of Hue.


Unique. Taste. All Day.

Creative traditional dishes và drinks are at the heart of Hay Hay Restaurant to guide our guests on a journey of sensory pleasure. We are proud of the culinary heritage of Vietnam, drawing inspiration from traditional influence of Hanoi, the kitchens of the Imperial Citadel in Hue, and contemporary tastes of Ho Chi Minh City all combined with the very best local produce.

Sip. Tapas. DJ. B Connected.

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The path to lớn bliss is not complete without occasional indulgences, và B Lounge is the venue for self-indulgence. Our ultra-contemporary ambient vibes heat up as the evening cools down. Guests can dance, sway, groove sầu or just relax as our resident music-meister or live sầu entertainment creates an energetic atmosphere that completes our sophisticated lounge experience. Sensory stimulus abounds with Asian-fusion delicacies, tapas, shishas with our handmade glass lavoo hookah, và the most chất lượng cocktails on the coast. Come experience B Lounge on our theme nights including International Grill Night, Local Seafood Barbeque Night, Combo Tapas Night or Italian-Spanish Night!

Share. Meet. Joy.

Absorb the mellow mood as our Cofftee Baristas delight you with their displays of coffee artistry. Indulge in a selection of homemade pastries or enjoy a decadent afternoon high tea. Share your holiday highlights with new friends, play a spirited game of cards or your favorite board game, thua kém yourself in books, và just soak up the Cofftee Club culture.

Chat. Chill. Zen.

Enjoy a wide selection of delicious ice cream, tasty bar snacks, healthy juices và a tempting selection of traditional Vietnamese desserts in the relaxed atmosphere of the Sitini Beach Bar. Beautifully designed with ambient lighting, minimacác mục bamboo architecture & surrounded by coconut trees, Sitini offers you a breathtaking view of the ocean. Lap up the cool breeze as you watch the sun go down at the kết thúc of another perfect day at Naman Retreat.

A No-Wall Spa Lifestyle

The moment you retreat inlớn our không tính tiền flowing, no wall sanctuary, you have sầu entered a world of pure bliss. With 15 luxury treatment rooms, male và female jacuzzi, saumãng cầu and steam rooms, thể hình, yoga pavilion...Pure Spage authority envelops you in a healing and tranquil cocoon. Enjoy treatments ranging from our signature Naman massage to shiatsu, và be pampered with our chất lượng body toàn thân wraps, pedicures, or create your own indulgence.

As a pioneer in health & wellness holidays within Vietphái nam we are dedicated to lớn the philosophy of holistic wellness - mind, body toàn thân and soul. We offer Detox Journeys focused on cleansing và purifying your mind và body, restoring balance to lớn your life. Within each Detox Journey, you are fully engaged in spa chăm sóc sức khỏe và làm đẹp treatments, healthy meal plans, colon hydrotherapy, physical activities & wellness therapies. It"s time khổng lồ experience quality wellness journeys that go beyond typical spa “treatments”.

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Whether you need khổng lồ retreat, reflect, relax, rejoice or reconnect each element of our Pure Spage authority concept contributes khổng lồ a physical & spiritual renewal.

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