Nano spa heater

Provides efficiency, safety and above all reliability to lớn effortlessly heat your water lớn the desired temperature, the Nano SPA heater is an ikhuyễn mãi giảm giá solution for spas.

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Features & BenefitsAvailable in 8 sizes from 1-kW up to lớn 8-kWEasy installation, fully equipped và pre-wiredRobust, durable flow switch allows safe operationSupplied with temperature thermostat and overheating, durable designAnalogue with 1.2°C differentialTitanium flow tube và titanium heating elementCan be floor or vertically wall mountedVortex, long life, stay clean heating element technology100% efficiency throughout the sản phẩm lifeSilent operation
* Engineering Ltd,Unit 11 Gunnels Wood Park,Gunnels Wood Road, StevenageHertfordshire SG1 2BH United Kingdom

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