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Who wouldn’t lượt thích the chance lớn bathe in warm waters full of healing properties while enjoying a spectacular panorama?

Bathing in a hot spring is a must during a stay in Vietnam. Imagine a good, hot bath after a hike or a few days’ stay to lớn relax in a natural spa làm đẹp at altitude or along a river surrounded by mountains. This is what Vietphái nam offers to lớn those who venture there. The thermal springs existing in these regions aren’t always fully-developed, but they are well-established enough lớn at least relax. If you also want khổng lồ benefit from these hot springs virtues we have selected 6 of the most beautiful of them. So, ready to lớn go?


Klặng Bôi

At 70 km from Hanoi, the province of Hòa Bình, where the rural district of Kyên Bôi is located, is a wild region with karst blocks emerging from forests & rice fields. The source of Kim Bôi is a real gift from nature. The mineral water, maintained around 36 ° C all year round, is also drinkable and bottled. It contains a high level of minerals, including calcium, lithium, & radium & can, therefore, be very effective sầu against rheumatism, intestinal diseases, stomach upphối, hypertension, etc. The baths are also recommended for the rehabilitation of disabled people. Visitors not only have access to lớn the warm springs waters but can also relax in mud baths prepared in advance.

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Kênh Gà

Head further south towards the Kênh Gà hot spring. The clear water with bubbles comes from the mountains with 53° C, rich in sodium, magnesium, bicarbonate, and calcium. The resort offers public baths or private baths. Although it existed for years, Kenh Ga Hot Spring was officially recognized in 1940 by the French. Make the most of your stay và discover the nearby Van Trinh Cave sầu, known for its spectacular stalactites, the Van Long Nature Reserve, the largest natural reserve in the North Delta, the Long Dich Temple & Cave, & the Cuc Phuong National Park.


Binh Chau

Binh Chau – Lo Quoc 55, Binh Chau, Xuyen Moc, Ba Ria province, 70 km from Vung Tau beach

This spring is located 150 km from Ho Chi Minh City. Binc Chau not only has a beautiful spring but also thermal ponds with water temperatures ranging from 40 to 82 ° C, spilling more than 70 diurnal and nocturnal sources. In this area, there are many wells, often used for tourist demonstrations to boil eggs in natural hot mineral water.

Officially discovered in 1928 by a French doctor named Sallet, the Spage authority had lớn wait until the 21st century lớn be built and opened to visitors.

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Tay Vien

Tay Vien District of Que Son, Quang Nam Province, 3 km from My Son Shrine.

Tây Viên, near Da Nang, has two streams of hot water (85 ° C) & cold water flowing in parallel. They are known khổng lồ contain valuable minerals such as potassium, calcium, sulfur, và iron. The name Tay Vien is associated with the names of a medicinal herb garden located west of Que Son District.


Dam Rong 

Dam Rong – Lam Dong province, 70 km from Dalat

Approximately 300 km from HCMC, the average temperature of this source varies between 40 & 45 ° C và comes from an underground eruption. Its sulfur nội dung is higher than all the other hot springs, making this spring an effective treatment against skin diseases, rheumatism, hypertension, and heart disorders.

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Elephant springs

Kim Thuy Commune, Le Thuy District, Quang Binh Province

Elephant Springs is a natural spring flowing inlớn a freshwater pool from a waterfall. 53 kilometers from Hue, the site is covered by large blocks in the shape of an elephant và is also located just 20 kilometers from the famous Van Gogh, a road named by Top Gear as “a desert ribbon of perfection and one of the best coastal roads in the world.” Compared to lớn other well-known thermal springs, Hoi Van is still a rather natural site & is less exploited by tourists. It is a great place to relax in pure water, but beware, the place is only suitable for short visits as there are no khách sạn facilities there và the food stalls around the site are only open in high season. The best time khổng lồ get there is usually between January và September.

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