Palmarosa spa

After a long fligh, bus ride or a long day shopping & sight seeing, there is nothing better than a nice relaxing mát xa in a private, peaceful và relaxing atmosphere with soft soothing music.

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Only 9 minute walk from the heart of the old town, a beautilful day spa làm đẹp for people who want to not only immediately relax but also refresh a body toàn thân by a professional massage therapist & estheticians team, coupled with pure natural ingredients spa chăm sóc sức khỏe và làm đẹp products.

We invite you to lớn come, our dedicated team of professional therapist will ensure you leave sầu us feeling relaxed, refreshed & completely rejuvenated.

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Palmarosa Spa"s Review

“Fabulous massage with skilled therapists”- Wish I had gone again!

Martin L

- Walked in off street

Sue W

- Relaxation


- Great value spa


- “Fabulous massage with skilled therapists”

“Fabulous massage with skilled therapists”

 Wish I had gone again!

Spas are everywhere in Hoi An but if you want a truly relaxing and wonderful experience, this is the best! We were welcomed and given a lemongrass and lime foot soak as well as offered a drink before we chose our treatments. I had a body wrap và hot stone mas sa that were amazing. They have very safe lockup facilities for your valuables và the staff are friendly and accomodating. I wish I had gone twice!!


Martin L

 Walked in off street

we walked in off the street & were immediately given an appointment for two, two hour massages.Price was $30 each and the treatment rooms were clean, air-conditioning, with fresh towels.

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The masseuse for each of us seemed well-trained và we had very good massages. This was good value for our money and we would return again

Houston, Texas


Sue W


Spent 3 hours of our 30th annivessary relaxing here with a package of body & head mas sa. Pedicure and manicure. We had a wonderful relaxing time and felt awesome when we left. would recommkết thúc.



 Great value spa

My partner & I had the Swedish body massage. The staff were very friendly and asked how hard we wanted the massage. We paid just under 800,000vnd in total for 65 mins each. The mát xa was very relaxing và the room was cool và comfortable. Valuables were secured in a padlocked locker. Would highly recommover.

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 “Fabulous mas sa with skilled therapists”

My wife và I treated ourselves to lớn an hour long mas sa each and it was magnificent. On arrival the spa làm đẹp team greeted us efficiently & were friendly. The mas sa room upstairs was calming & professional. The therapists were quite magic và we each recounted a very excellent mas sa experience. We are going to lớn head back for another before we head trang chủ for sure.

visit Apirl 2017

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