Netizens think that song hye kyo has secretly reconciled with her ex

News that South Korean television stars Song Joong-ki và Song Hye-kyo were filing for divorce took many by surprise earlier today.

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A statement released by the 37-year-old actress' agency, UAA, cited "personality differences" for the breakdown in their marriage.

However, Chinese media have sầu speculated that the split happened due lớn their age gap & rumours that the couple have sầu been unfaithful lớn each other.

In February, reports that Joong-ki, 33, had cheated in the marriage with his wife's makeup artist began khổng lồ surface online, according lớn Taiwan's Apple Daily.

The makeup artist later uploaded a wefie with Hye-kyo herself, in a move sầu seen as an attempt to quell the cheating rumours.

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Social truyền thông users have pointed out that Hye-kyo has a history of dating her drama co-stars, such as Lee Byung-hun in the 2003 drama All In và Hyun-bin in 2008's The World That They Live sầu In. She met Joong-ki while filming the 2016 hit drama Descendants of the Sun and they tied the knot the following year. 

Hye-kyo và Bo-gum were the leads in Encounter, a 2018 drama series.

Blossom Entertainment, the agency representing both Bo-gum & Joong-ki, has released a warning against those linking hyên to lớn the couple's split.

A representative told truyền thông media outlets today (June 27), "We are planning to lớn take strict legal action against the rumours being spread around in regard lớn Park Bo-gum, shortly after news of Song Hye-kyo & Song Joong-ki's divorce became a huge topic.

"It seems that such rumours were fabricated as Song Hye-kyo và Park Bo-gum recently worked on a production together. We are also in the process of discussing legal action against other rumours outside of the recent divorce rumours," the statement continued.

According to United Daily News, Hye-kyo has unfollowed what is believed lớn be the private Instagram trương mục of Joong-ki.

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Correction: An earlier version of this story reported that Song Joong-ki unfollowed Song Hye-kyo on Instagram. The account cited is actually a bạn account. We apologise for the error.

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