Phan thiet princess d'annam 5 star resort

Princess D’Annam giới Resort & Spa located in Hon Lan, Tan Thanh khô commune, Ham Thuan Nam district, Binc Thuan province about 4 hours drive or 180 km from north of Ho Chi Minh thành phố. The resort’s majestic architecture is the work of award winning architect Tan Hoông chồng Beng, which features a village-style layout and patterned walls that reveal a spectacular view of the ocean. Complementing its charming, post-colonial ambiance & tranquil surroundings is the sweet scents of the Ginger Garden, designed by Alan W.Carle who is well-known for his work in the Singapore Botanical Gardens.

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Our collection of 57 luxury villas, each one designed lớn provide guests with the highest degree of privacy, offers the latest in luxury accommodation. All villas come with high-tốc độ Internet access and flat-screen TV. Guests can choose amuốn 36 Deluxe cộ Villas of 70mét vuông, 18 Superior Villas of 100mét vuông, 3 Executive double-storey Villas of 185mét vuông with private pool khổng lồ truly indulge in luxury.

The villas have been constructed around a series of 8 swimming pools, with views over lush tropical gardens overlooking a century-old French lighthouse. World-class architecture by Tan Hoông chồng Beng brings together elements of elegant Modernist style và Post-colonial ambience, enhanced by traditional Chinese và Vietnamese sensibility.

Surrounded by walls which shield a private garden and outdoor bathroom, the villas are private sanctuaries behind closed doors, an environment many seldom wish to lớn leave. Princess d’Annam Resort & Spage authority is villa living within a world-class resort where facilities, service và guests’ experiences merge lớn create a unique lifestyle.

Mandarin Suites All Mandarin Suites feature a private veranda, in-suite dressing room with specially-designed bathtub & a separate rain shower, & interiors infused with the mood of Vietnamese modern. Of the 36 Mandarin Suites, seven offer Twin beds and 29 offer King-sized beds (Double or Single); 11 are adjoining rooms (Double and Double) và seven are connecting rooms (Twin and Double). They are 75 m2 overall (room & veranda).

Princess Villas All 18 Princess Villas feature a private outdoor plunge pool và open-air bathtub with separate rain shower room in the guest villa that has four poster King-kích cỡ beds. They are 100 mét vuông overall (villa & veranda).

Empress Villas Each of the three Empress Villas is an imposing two-floor villa that offers a spectacular view of Ke Ga cất cánh from their large private verandomain authority. It has an interior that includes two or three bedrooms & a large private infinity pool. They are 185 mét vuông overall (villa và veranda).

The discerning traveler values the exclusivity of private beaches & quiet, secluded places that bring hlặng closer khổng lồ nature. Vietnam giới, still graced with unspoiled nature và a rich cultural heritage, is the igiảm giá venue for this new quest of luxury. Princess Anam Resort Phan Thiet

Recreational Facilities on-site

Individually-controlled air conditioningPersonal in-room safeRain shower with separate bath tubPlasma TV with international programsHigh-speed wireless Internet accessFully-stocked private mini barCoffee/tea making facilities24-hour room serviceDaily housekeeping serviceCurrency exchange serviceAirport transfer servicesActivities và excursions serviceLimousine services/car rentalBaby sitting servicesKid’s room facilitiesBoutique shopDVD rental services

Health Club: Open 24 hours a day and fully equipped, the Fitness Centre has a full range of cardiovascular and muscle-toning equipment, including treadmills, lifecycles và free weights. Personal trainers can be arranged. The Fitness Centre offers Tai Chi & Yoga classes.

Water Sports: Catamaran Sailing, Padi Dive sầu Center, Fishing excursion, windsurfing, ocean kayaking, body boarding, water skiing, wake boarding, banamãng cầu và other tow-able items are all available for rental – no jet-skis. Daily & numerous beach activities organized such as volleyball, football, petanque & badminton competitions organized by friendly & qualified sport instructors.

Princess d’Anphái mạnh Resort và Spage authority offers culinary delights prepared by French Chef Rengươi Faubel, amidst breathtaking ocean view settings.

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La Safranée The ultimate dining experience in Ke Ga: French gastronomy traditions accompanied by an extensive wine danh sách, in an elegant dining atmosphere, with a refined service. La Safranee features an open kitchen behind glass walls and a spectacular view of the surrounding ocean & lighthouse.

La Frégate All day dining is served “al fresco” on the deck of the main infinity pool offering succulent dishes from simple barbecues lớn intercontinental gourmet favorites and Asian specialties, cooked lớn perfection by our Chef & his team. An igiảm giá venue for dining under the stars served in a casual, relaxed atmosphere.

Le Gr& Bleu: This elegant open air bar & café offers an extensive sầu selection of wines from around the world from our well-stocked wine cellar, finest teas & coffee selections. An ikhuyến mãi rendezvous for pre-dinner drinks & a breathtaking sunphối view.

Cigar Lounge – Billiards: The plush cigar lounge, library và bar, located on the second floor, are designed with distinct personality, with a panoramic view of the ocean. The bar is open 24 hours for guests lớn help themselves lớn the finest selection of champagne, wine, spirits and imported beers that have sầu been meticulously selected by our Master of Wine. There is always a host on hvà khổng lồ phối the perfect margarita. An extensive sầu Reserve sầu Wine menu is also available.

In-Villa Dining The 24 hour in-villa dining service provides a phối of home page style comfort food và delectable dishes to satisfy all tastes at any time. In-villa dining offers a special a la carte menu for intimate tete-a-tete candlelit dinners served on your balcony. Enjoy the comfort of your own villa while our team of chefs cooks for you under the stars, be it a simple BBQ or signatures dishes.

Princess d’Anphái nam Resort culinary philosophy is deeply rooted in French gastronomy tradition. Chef Remi Faubel, an emerging culinary talent in Asia, leads the region’s gastronomic revolution at his outpost in Ke Ga. Rengươi believes in maintaining purity of style; his iconic “Langouste Thermidor” is a French “gr& classic”. Cautious about fusion và crowd-pleasing dishes, his creation gracefully assembles fresh local ingredients and time-honored recipes. Dining experience at Princess d’Annam is a joyful celebration of art de vivre amidst sumptuous ocean view setting.

We designed the Spa for the body toàn thân & the mind, khổng lồ rejuvenate và to lớn heal. From the moment guests enter our sanctuary with Moroccan proportions built around an intimate inner courtyard và mysterious alcoves, we expect their senses to lớn be aroused by beauty, fragrance, and soothing sounds. This temple of wellness composed of beautiful public spaces & exquisite gardens is set in two distinct sections khổng lồ ensure male và female guests the utmost privacy. The reception, changing rooms, showers, as well as the sauna and jacuzzi facilities are located on the ground floor. On the second floor we offer 8 individual treatment rooms and 2 for couples who wish to enjoy panoramic ocean views.

Our well trained therapists apply traditional Asian restorative techniques và take time khổng lồ personalize treatments for each guest. They have sourced only the purest, natural oils and products ingredients that have sầu been around for centuries and which are renowned in Asia for their medicinal properties: honey, cloves, coconut oil, golden yellow turmeric, aloe vera, và ylang ylang. Signature treatments include our Hot Stone Therapy, Twin Synchronized mas sa, Herbal Detox, Anti-Ageing facial, Body Scrub, aý muốn others.

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Perhaps the most enjoyable experience is simply khổng lồ laze around with friends in our nail salon làm tóc, or tonic bar; or khổng lồ savor the healthy cuisine in the shade of your alcove sầu, và be invigorated by the scent of the ocean mists. In the quest to provide only the most wholesome of products the skilled Aquamarine Spa therapists persize treatments that rejuvenate and stimulate the reflexes. Aquamarine Spa allows all body toàn thân and mind slip into lớn as state of bliss to lớn carries all thoughts & troubles away.

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