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Infuse your life with a powerful sense of wellbeing. Connect with your authentic self. Embark on a uniquely rewarding journey with a deeply personalized palette of immersive sầu experiences. Recognized as one of the world"s greademo spas, Well & Being Spage authority offers an innovative sầu fusion of energizing wellness and enlightened relaxation. Inspired by the majestic natural surroundings of the Sonoran Desert, each customized treatment delivers a sensory awakening. Heal & strengthen. Indulge & pamper. From fitness và nutrition to lớn beauty & meditation, discover a holistic haven for your whole self at our extraordinary spa in Scottsdale.

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Discover relaxing treatments and enriching, evidence-based tools for diet and exercise that make happy & healthy go together. Every resort experience is enhanced by Well và Being"s focus on enjoying life — both in the moment & long after returning trang chính.


Treat yourself even more with brilliant spa packages and amazing featured seasonal đơn hàng on world-class treatments at one of the top destination spas in the country.


Live your life more playfully và healthfully with a spa chăm sóc sức khỏe và làm đẹp celebration at the Fairmont Scottsdale Princess. Throw a spa"rty with your friends or family và spend the day being pampered together at our decadent desert spa.

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Discover the newest group fitness classes, private training designed to lớn fit your unique goals, plus individualized assessments và diagnostics to propel your fitness journey.


Commit to a lifestyle of enhanced wellbeing and self-care with a membership designed to treat the whole you at our Scottsdale day spa làm đẹp. Enjoy unlimited access to lớn our facilities & fitness programs, & many more benefits.

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Meet our highly-trained team of spa therapists, fitness specialists, and wellness experts with vast holistic expertise và a passion for health và wellbeing.

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