Great customer service

Ok ,,,,, you have lớn wait ages khổng lồ get through khổng lồ an agent but that’s my only grumble . The customer service I received from Gareth was excellent. My heater was tripping my electric , I was asked khổng lồ vì some simple tests & sover pics & videos of this . It was clear it was faulty và was asked khổng lồ skết thúc a pic of me cutting cable from my old unit . My new pump should be here within 5 days ,,, can’t get better than that 👌

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Not very efficient this time.

Took many days before my order lớn be confirmed và more for it to be delivered. Approximately 2 weeks is too long.


Appalling customer service

You have sent me a faulty hàng hóa which is not fit for purpose. Despite logging a complaint with customer services via your online khung 3 weeks ago I am still waiting for a reply. One of the seams in the hot tub lid is split so we don’t have a functioning lid. Therefore rendering the hot tub useless. I am seeking legal advice on my consumer rights if you continue lớn fail khổng lồ address my complaint.

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Easy website lớn use

Easy website to lớn use. Was able to lớn find và order exactly what I wanted after reading the clear description. Opportunity khổng lồ pay by instalments. All very positive sầu.

Our 2nd Lazy Spage authority

This is my 2nd Lazy Spage authority. The first was a Hawaii and this is their new Helsinki mã sản phẩm. I love the thinner outer wall but the base doesn’t seem as sturdy as the old on. The old one did us proud for 5 summers và I’m hoping that this one is equally as good.

No customer service

Spent about £600 on Lay z spa Honolulu, worked for one month & then broke with an E02 code. After following all the troubleshoots offered by Lay z spa warranty claim which took the best part of an hour they have sầu ignored me now for 2 months! Joke of a company

Customer service is none existent, the worst i have ever come across in fact

Horrible customer service, i purchased the lay-z-spa làm đẹp Vegas for £450 and so did 2 of my friends at the same time, I set up my spa lớn find a huge air bubble in the bottom lining of the spa chăm sóc sức khỏe và làm đẹp, I contacted lay-z- spa who gave sầu me some absolute rubbish that the lining is made too big for the spa to allow for expansion and the bubble will stretch out within 6 lớn 8 weeks và disappear, neither of my 2 friends who bought the same spa chăm sóc sức khỏe và làm đẹp at the same time as me from the same store have sầu this huge bubble, so apparently only mine has this special totally normal expansion feature! it has now been 5 weeks and the bubble is getting bigger not smaller và preventing me from enjoying my spa chăm sóc sức khỏe và làm đẹp, lay-z-spa's solution is now khổng lồ completely ignore my support requests now that the 28 day store return policy has passed on my £450 thành phầm, what wonderful people they are, you may as well chance it with a cheaper br& because the premium you pay for the lay-z-spa làm đẹp name means nothing as they wont offer tư vấn if anything is wrong with your purchase & the support from a lesser known company cant possibly be worse than none at all!