What’s better than a trip lớn the mountains? A visit to a mountain resort spa làm đẹp,and there are a variety lớn choose from in Colorado.

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Whether you’re looking for a girlfriend getaway, couples retreat,or just want to pamper yourself, there is a perfect spa chăm sóc sức khỏe và làm đẹp for you.

Here are a few Colorabởi mountain spas that offer an array of wonderful experiences in three unique environments.

The Springs Resort & Spa

THE SPRINGS RESORT & SPAPagosa Springs, Colorado

The combination of hot water & Southern Colorado hospitality makes The Springs Resort & Spage authority one of my favorite places in the Rocky Mountain West.The resort’s 27 hot spring pools straddle the San Juan River, và I can say from personal experience that catchinga sunrise here is a surreal experience.

Take a soak before you head to the Spage authority at the Springs for your treatment. I receive sầu the San Juan Essential mát xa from Rochelle và it was divine. The treatment combines moisture, heat, and oils lớn create one of the most relaxing spa chăm sóc sức khỏe và làm đẹp experiences I have ever encountered.

Next time, I want to try a AquaZen treatment. Conducted in a hot spring pool, AquaZen helps lengthen the spine và relax the central nervous system which promoting fluid exchanges in the body toàn thân, stimulating an immune system response.

Spage authority Anjali


A sense of peace fell over me when I entered Spa Anjali, one of the most luxurious spasI have ever visited.

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This spa chăm sóc sức khỏe và làm đẹp specializes in personalized treatments, và the first thing you’ll bởi vì upon arrival is fill out a comprehensive sầu khung that asks a variety of personal questions. Your therapist uses this information to lớn create a spa làm đẹp treatment individualizedfor you.

I was greeted with a glass of wine upon my arrival, và once I reached my treatment room I was already in state of complete and total zen. My personalized facial with Jacqueline was a delightful experience that I never wanted to kết thúc.

Spa Ara


The Ameristar is Blaông xã Hawk’s most well-appointed casino property. From the rooftop pool khổng lồ Timberline Grill, an impeccable steakhouse, the Ameristar is destination that offers much more than just gambling.

Spage authority Ara is one of those offerings that will exceed your expectations; it certainly exceeded mine. The interior design is a combination of wood, stone, và water & puts the visitor at immediate ease.

It was here that I received a massage from one of the most intuitive sầu mát xa therapists. Eileen’s mát xa incorporated essential oils of my choosing & left me singing her praises for weeks.

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The staff at Spa Ara also introduced me lớn Zents, a Coloravì company that makes amazing spa products. I am addicted lớn their Oolong Body Oil & Mandarin Lotion.

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