On January 25, YG Entertainment officially announced new details about Rosé’s solo debut, Soompi reported. According to the company, Rosé has already completed filming for her music video clip, & she will be performing her solo debut track for the first time at BLACKPINK’s upcoming online concert “THE SHOW.” The concert will be livestreamed on January 31 at 12 a.m. EST.

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Fans were elated lớn hear confirmation of the vocalist’s solo endeavours, and it’s easy to lớn understand why. YG had originally announced that all four members of BLACKPINK were to lớn have sầu solo paths from as far bachồng as October 2018; so far, only Jennie has released a solo traông xã, fittingly titled, “SOLO.”

The release of Rosé’s solo debut album is still up for speculation. Per Soompi, the agency said, “We will be making an official announcement about the schedule for the album release shortly.” YG also shared that “the tuy vậy captures the “sweet yet soulful vocal” of the group’s main vocadanh sách, hinting that it will be “surely different from BLACKPINK’s usual musical style.” And apparently, Rosé herself asked to lớn debut the traông xã during “THE SHOW” instead of waiting for the album’s release.

The New Zealvà native sầu has a deep passion for music that was highlighted in BLACKPINK’s Netflix documentary Light Up The Sky. There was footage of her playing the guitar and writing music in the middle of the night; fans also got a clip of her covering a Jonas Brothers song as a kid. Additionally, the documentary gave some insight inlớn Rosé’s apprehension about releasing her music.

“I feel more intimidated when I’m by myself,” Rosé said in the doc. “When I’m in my room by myself và ‘oh I should try & write something,’ I think I’m way more intimidated then. Cause it’s me, I don’t know if my opinions are right và that scares me. I feel lượt thích I scare myself the most.”

Rosé will soon be the second BLACKPINK member to release solo material, and rapper Lisa is reportedly next khổng lồ drop new music. Hopefully, Jisoo’s solo work will be on the horizon, once she’s finished filming her upcoming drama Snowdrop. In the meantime, we’re certainly happy that Rosé now feels comfortable sharing her music and message with the rest of the world, và we’re eager lớn hear what Rosé has in store for us in just a few short days.

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She shared the first teaser of her new song on January 25, check it out below:

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