Swedish massage

Duo day spa chăm sóc sức khỏe và làm đẹp package ,what a disappointment .This is suppose to lớn be a full body toàn thân massage ,no feet legs or arms are part of this mas sa ??And when it"s over you are encouraged to sit and relax with a cup of tea ,& a towel over your legs in the lounge room at reception .Image my shoông chồng when I watch people get up & leave to lớn have staff come in three times and refold the towels to lớn be used again by the next customers .Hygiene ? They vị this in front of people ,what bởi they bởi vì behind the scenes.Very tired needs a good clean .

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All reviews would stay again eye mask balcony area the gold coast during school holidays cavill avenue views are amazing sky point apartment longboard weekender facial therapist surfers breakfast gc paradise
Have previously stayed in a 2 bedroom apartment, which was fantastic, this time we stayed in a 3 bedroom apartment (the family has grown since last visit!) and again this was fantastic.Great views, convenient location but not right in the thick of it.

The couch was slimy the bed was absolutely shocking the whole unit was cheap and nasty. For the price we paid for an ocean view room this was a disgrace. i never write review & not much bothers us we pay the right price và always choose great accommodation. I Complained we were moved 1 hour after arriving how embarrassing for usnever again will we stay there. btw room 2904 was lovely clean và well appointed

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Having stayed at various 4 & 5 star hotels this did not meet my expectations at all. Being right in the heart of surfers I would assume they would be trying lớn compete to be the best but if you are looking for a nice thắm thiết night with a beautiful view và feeling like you are in a hotel QT would be a better option...

Booked the quận 1 with a girlfrikết thúc for a long weekover getaway & with its reputation as a well known apartment building in the GC and $200 a night we were assuming it would be a luxury stay - we were completely wrong. On arrival our room wasn"t ready which was completely understandable as we were one hour early. We asked if the concierge could take our bags and hold them until we could check in. We were pointed khổng lồ a trolley to lớn get our own bags from the oto & asked to lớn tag our own bags then lift them onto a shelf with no assistance given & where other bags were being thrown around to lớn make room. Secondly, the room was not at the standard of a 4 and a half star hotel! Both myself và my frikết thúc hurt our feet due to lớn nails protruding from the floor where the carpet was no longer covering it. We reported this to the front desk as it was an ohs issue & we had hurt ourselves và she sent up a maintenance man who just used duct tape. No offer of moving rooms or any compensation was given. On check in we were advised that the khách sạn was non smoking , which is perfectly acceptable. But then were told you could smoke on the street however now would be a good time to quit as you have sầu to keep going outside lớn smoke - I think that"s extremely rude coming from someone that you don"t know at a khách sạn reception!If you think you can sit by the pool và enjoy a cocktail think again - no alcohol by the pool at all. All in all it was a complete waste of $600 for 3 nights & we will never return and would not recommend it to anyone. Next time we will be staying at the meriton or peppers & I would recommover others do the same!

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