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We have sầu just arrived trang chủ to lớn the rainy, Sunshine Coast of B.C.Our third winter at the beautiful Magic Waters of Sam"s I love the yoga, water aerobics and numerous social and dinner have made several life time over the years và look forward to lớn our next winter Spage authority months. Hooray lớn the wonderful staff for handling all the crap they are subjected khổng lồ.Looking forward to lớn getting baông chồng khổng lồ our home away from trang chủ.Love sầu Richồng and

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ABOUT:We are a family of three traveling with a 4 year old in a vintage VW Westfalia Camper and Sam"s Family Spa has on our of places to visit. We were previously camping at Joshua Tree Blackroông xã Campground & decided to try a night or two at Sam"s Family Spa.OVERALL:Researching other natural hot springs in the area this places seemed to lớn be the best choice based on reviews và not being a 55+ resort and the love VW Westy campers. We met two other Westy owners who stayed in the camp.Initially we drove there without a reservation because the site charges a $5 fee & being February we doubted it was full but on arrival there were only a couple number of spaces Sam"s Family Spage authority has a large number or homes & full hook-ups và some overflow camping in the baông chồng. STAFF/CHECKIN:We pulled in around 4pm & the night staff was extremely helpful và super We paid for one night & drove around to lớn pick out our site. We decided on site 133 because camping in the desert before we know there would be major wind storms and at least we would have the shelter of a home page khổng lồ our right & backing in our VW Westy would be against the wind. Checkin was super easy, saved $5 but booking directly, Sam"s Family Spage authority does not offer any Aulớn Club or additional discounts. rates for 02/năm 2016 are $50 và it includes up to lớn 4 adults, kids 4 and under are miễn phí & there are no fire rings except for propane or charcoal & no allowed as most RV places have sầu this rule. If you want to lớn set up a and have sầu a fire I suggest you camp at Blackrochồng Campground in Yucca Valley. Since the pools and spa chăm sóc sức khỏe và làm đẹp are until 9:45 pm this is more of a place to relax in the natural (non chlorinated) hot water go bachồng to lớn the campsite & retire early.TOILET/SHOWERS:There are two bathrooms that also have sầu showers that are super clean, we have sầu stayed at $65-$90 a night places and the KOA does not have sầu nice and clean bathrooms lượt thích Sam"s Family Spage authority. Showers and toilets have a keypad so there are 24 hours with the cleaning lady cleaning about 10am-1030am but you can use the other nhà wc and shower or use the facilities inside the spa area also.POOL/SPA:All the pools are filled with mineral water and the showers in the bathroom with the exception of the cold tap water in the showers being supplied from the city. The swimming pool và round cold pool are chlorinated and the 4 oblong natural spa chăm sóc sức khỏe và làm đẹp do not have sầu any chlorine.There are 4 spa chăm sóc sức khỏe và làm đẹp, the round one being the hottest by California law it is at 105˚F/40˚C and the other 3 pools are slightly cooler with the 4th pool being child, we saw a 2 year old inside và our 4 year old loved it.There are showers all around, again powered by natural hot springs và there is a dry sauna và a tiny steam saumãng cầu inside the room. I"ve better steam saunas but it"s nice lớn have sầu the options. There are an additional two showers inside the bathroom and two toilets & an urinal và a changing area & lots of hooks everywhere.There are no lockers here so if you have an iPhone or any valuables leave sầu them baông chồng in your camper and loông xã you doors.AREA / CAMPUS:The lvà itself is beautiful and we didn’t" expect the abundance of wildlife & the aviary that they have, there is a black swan, two cranes & of ducks và a turtle & or koi và possibly carp or cat fish in the water. One bad thing is that there is only one via the main office so if you are at the Kid"s playground you have sầu to walk all the way around và via the office in order lớn get lớn the pier/ wharf on the other side of the child playground. It would be better just khổng lồ extkết thúc the around the playground once inside.There are of BBQ area and grills everywhere, from your traditional park type to lớn smokers và of tables and tables everywhere. There is a great store if you forgot lớn bring any charcoal or lighter fluid at a reasonable price we just packed up our Westy and parked in front and carried everything inside or else i would be a long walk khổng lồ carry all out BBQ supplies inside. A great move for Sam"s would be khổng lồ have sầu BBQs area located throughout the area rather than have us have sầu to lớn lug everything inside the area.You have to clean the BBQ but the smoker worked nice & albeit the svào wines that came in after 4pm it took a while khổng lồ get the temperature up.SURROUND AREA:There is a VONS and Albertans 5 miles away it’s best you stop there first và load up on what you need check into Sam’s Family Spage authority. Additionally if you need lunch or dinner there is a Thai Place and a couple Cal/Tex/Mex places around, we ate ate but always check Yelp!CAMPSITE:The site has full hookups though we don"t use much. The important thing is that it had 110V and the 30AMPhường and 50AMPhường. so regular people do not have sầu khổng lồ purchase a 30/50 amp lớn 110V adapter. Sie was clean again with no fire pits and no allowed kids We had that at Blackrochồng Campground but no electriđô thị. There is pad which is a nice kích cỡ and a small table & at site 133 the table wood is warped và but it was fine. Tnhì Palms Restaurant which we didn’t try and Don which is just okay for Cal/Mex it"s better to lớn go to Casa Blanca Restaurant if you want $3.50 margaritas. The food itself is so-so. It"s desert hot springs not Palm Springs or Los Angeles but you can get better at VONS và head baông xã tot he campsite & cook better and cheaper.LAST WORDS:Check Accuweather for weather forecast for wind conditions, we stayed in 02/năm nhâm thìn there was the win & rain storm of the, we lớn dinner w saw hit the ground and strike a couple power pies knocking power out at Sam’s và surrounding area & several desert fires, we had dinner and waited it out but power bachồng at the camp was out from 5:45pm until 9:30pm which meant all pools are closed including the hot spa và electrithành phố supplying water from the well underground.We will definitely go baông chồng và maybe try staying 1 week. The pools are the best và the cold swimming pool is at at great temp that is better than most pools in Palm Springs.