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“We’re a full service aesthetics salon tóc located in the Railway Arts District (RAD) near Downtown Tucson & the University of Arizona. We offer full body toàn thân waxing, lash extensions, & skin care treatments! Let us help you look and feel beautiful while bringing a little “selah” to lớn your day! Book an appointment today~We can’t wait khổng lồ see you! 

PLEASE NOTE: The roads surrounding SELAH are currently under construction due to lớn the Aviation Road Widening & the Revitalization of Downtown Project. Please allow extra transit time when coming to lớn see us, since there may be delays. *You will ONLY be able to enter our parking lot coming from the East on 6th ST. For your convenience we will be sending a bản đồ, so there is no confusion! There will be miễn phí limited parking available lớn you in our lot và also along Ferro Ave sầu.

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We appreciate your support and loyalty as we navigate our short term construction delays! THANK YOU FOR LOVING AND SUPPORTING OUR LOCAL WOMEN RUN BUSINESS!

Our temporary hours during this time will be Monday-Friday 3pm-9pm and Saturday-Sunday 9am-5pm lượt thích usual. Thank you so much for your cooperation and understanding during this time!


*** Below are our new protocols for reopening in this time:

*We are requiring all SELAH team members to lớn wear a face mask both in & out of treatment (unless exempt for medical reasons).*We require every guest lớn wear a mask when they come in for an appointment and are waiting in a common area. If you have sầu a skincare or waxing service which includes the masked area, the mask may be removed in the treatment room for comfort & ease.*If you vì chưng not have sầu a mask of your own, we have reusable ones available that you may borrow. They are cleaned, và sanitized after every use.*We ask that only the appointment holder be present in the salon for their appointment, please no extra guests (including spouses, partners, children, friends, etc.), this is to lớn keep the occupancy low in our building for everyones safety.*We ask that guests coming in for an appointment not show up more than 5 minutes before for their scheduled time, this is lớn ensure our lobby và comtháng areas are always at low capathành phố.*We will be making sure to lớn leave sầu adequate time in between clients for extra cleaning and proper sanitization of products, tools, và equipment.

As always our receptionists are available at the front desk Monday-Saturday 9am-5pm lớn answer any questions or set up an appointment. You may điện thoại tư vấn, text, email, or instagram dm us to mix up an appointment!

SELAH will continue to be a place of peace, rest, beauty, & love for our community! Thank you for your love sầu and support during these times!

Blessings,-The SELAH TEAM

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Chechồng out our Online Store to purchase all your favorite Selah products, và retail.

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If you normally see Maribel for any Face Reality, Skinscript, or Lotus Moon Products, you can clichồng here!

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