9 times blackpink and somi made us jealous of their super close friendship

Somi & BLACKPINK may not strictly be label mates, but they’re still cthua friends! The former is an artist under THE BLACK LABEL, a subsidiary under YG Entertainment. They are among mỏi the company’s only female artists so it’s not surprising that they’re so cchiến bại.

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Check out the moments they supported each other below!

1. When Lisa visited Songươi in I AM SOMI

Lisa and Somày played games together, talked, và ate chicken in the fifth episode of I AM SOMI. They were 100% comfortable in each other’s presence, & Lisa even gave sầu Somi advice on her choreography lượt thích the main dancer that she is.

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2. When Lisa promised Somày khổng lồ visited her MV set and she kept it!

After reviewing the choreography footage, Lisa promised khổng lồ visit Songươi in her music Clip shoot for “What You Waiting For”. Somày later revealed through Instagram that she kept her promise! Better yet, Jisoo also came along khổng lồ tư vấn their “younger sister” on the mix.

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3. When Somi made a meme

The best kind of support is that of a real friend’s, và what better way to lớn show one’s friendship than through memes? Somày couldn’t help but nội dung one comparing Rosé & Gunhoo from The Return Of Superman through an Instagram story.


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