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As soon as she debuted through a TV drama in 2001, Son Yejin stood out as a youth star, & her position as a star has never been threatened for 20 years since her debut. She dominated TV dramas, movies, và commercials. The beginning was with melodramas. When she smiled with a graceful face, the audience smiled together, & when she cried, the audience also cried. Even within the realm of melodrama, Son began khổng lồ diversify little by little, sometimes adding comedy khổng lồ her acting or jumping inkhổng lồ tragedy. She even subverted the marriage system in My Wife Got Married (2008). Armed with loveliness, she let out her desire to have two husbands. This movie, which could be seen as quite provocative sầu to be called a thắm thiết comedy, was a big hit thanks to Son’s balanced performance.

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Alternating between thriller, disaster blockbuster, và comic action, Son Yejin reaffirmed her box-office power as ‘the queen of genre films’ & finally revealed a completely new face that she has never shown before in The Truth Beneath (2016). Her housewife character who diligently supported her husband, a leading politician, becomes out of control after her daughter died. Every moment in the film is the rediscovery of the actor, when she was overwhelmed with indescribable anger, collapsed pitifully, got her face covered with blood, và finally burst inkhổng lồ wailing. Soon after, in The Last Princess (2016), Son became a princess of misfortune who bore the perilous era alone, showing the box-office power of an all-time actor.
Then in a completely different tone, Son Yejin appeared in the TV drama Forced Landing of Love sầu (2019). In the thắm thiết romantic series, she played the character from a chaebol family who accidentally crossed the border khổng lồ l& on North Korea while paragliding & fell in love with a North Korean soldier. The character was perfect for Son, và Netflix put wings on it. The series reached the global audience through Netflix, ranking No. 6 on Netflix TV shows in the United States.

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Son Yejin’s next film is Cross, her first Hollywood film. It is a sci-fi film directed by Andrew Niccol và tells the story of people on the border between the poor part and the rich part in a fictional multi-ethnic divided country in the future. Son Yejin will work with Sam Worthington in the film. She will surely keep her throne in the next decade, with her realm continuing to expand. Park Hyeeun
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Son Ye-Jin bags the Producer’s Choice Award at the 18th Bucheon International Fantastic Film Festival (2014)


The Korean Business Research Institute has revealed this month’s brand reputation rankings for film actors!
The rankings were determined through an analysis of the consumer participation, truyền thông coverage, interaction, & community awareness indexes of 50 popular movie stars, using big data collected from February 6 lớn March 7.

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“Parasite” is the first Korean film in 15 years to achieve sầu this feat after the 2005 film “A Moment to lớn Rethành viên.”
The cumulative sầu revenue was recorded to lớn be $2.5 billion yen (approximately $22.7 million). This places “Parasite” as the third most commercially successful Korean film in Japan, after 2005 films “A Moment khổng lồ Remember” and “April Snow.” The former stars Jung Woo Sung và Son Ye Jin, raking in $3 billion yen (approximately $27.3 million) with the latter also starring Son Ye Jin alongside Bae Yong Joon, recording $2.8 billion yen (approximately $25 million).
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